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  • Diane R - Best Foundation on the Market!

    I have fair freckled skin that is extremely sensitive. I will break out if a product is oily or contains ingredients that aren't designed for sensitive skin. This product is awesome!!!

  • Bonita Hammock - INFORMATIVE!


  • Blackhawk - Dilithium crystals vs. cable

    It was this cable or a new supply of dilithium crystals for the Enterprise. Captain Kirk insisted on the crystals. Captain, you don't understand. If I push her any harder, the bulkheads will blow out. We're already at warp factor 4. If you had let me get the Audioquest cable we would have beat the Klingons and not been in this mess. I cannot promise she'll hold together!

  • Sunset - Bad Customer service

    Ordered Wen Healthy hair cair system.I hoped Wen would be as good as they claim,being it was a gift for someone.Its OK" I was surprised when I received another order soon after(wasn't aware of auto delivery)When I contacted customer service,they were not interested.I work in the hospitality field and was surprised they did'nt want me to be happy or satisfied.Even blamed me.I order online from time to time and this has to be the worst customer service. disappointed.

  • Rose Marie Starce - Great Documentary

    It's too bad the few people who are in a position to nominate this documentary for any awards don't agree with the content. Truth can be difficult for some people. Millions watched it and learned, unfortuneately, the people who should have watched and learned didn't take the time to invest an interest in America's future. The documentary didn't change our current state of affairs, however, it still is worth your time to learn why our country is where it is today.

  • Wesley Eastman - My son has used it since he was 3 - great product

    This is the second leap pad ultra I've purchased. I cracked the screen on the first one and didn't realize until after I threw it out that Leapfrog would replace it. I'm not used to a company standing behind their product like that.

  • Amazon Customer - Great for color treated and overworked hair!

    I have very treated hair. I color it, bleach it, then change in the fall and do something else. This keeps my hair silky smooth without feeling greasy or oily. You only have to use about nickel size in your palm and good all day. I do use a conditioner first and then apply to wet hair and blow dry as usual. I have long hair so it keeps me tangle free all day. Love it!