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  • carlos kea - Very good album but I think he can dig deeper and ...

    Very good album but I think he can dig deeper and pull out an undeniable 5 mic album. This was not it. To much unnessary profanity. The street edge came off as dishonest. Why so much cursing and you talking about your mommy or what's right in world. The content was on point but he was not as lyrical than previous ablums and that was because of all the cursing. That is my rating.

  • L. D. M - excellent product

    very good phone, the camera is excellent, I have had several Android devices, and this at a galaxy 2, would be excellent to offer the 3G version to the 900 band

  • Daniella Escalona - Great for a curious child and adult!

    My brother is a huge fan of the Guinness World Records so I did not hesitate to buy this for him for Christmas. He absolutely loved it! The only thing is that the 3D images is a bit ambiguous since you cannot actually see it in 3D.

  • Amazon Customer - Unhappy

    These cups did not work with my machine. Now I'm stuck with 36 useless cups! The clip did not work. Buyer beware!