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  • S. Smith - Cracking the GRE is worth it!

    This was the second time in 14 years I have taken the GRE and I was most prepared this time because of this book. I raised my score significantly by simply reviewing the provided vocabulary lists daily for 2 weeks before the test. I also benefitted from some of the easy math strategies I did not know. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone taking the GRE, regardless if it is the first time or fifth. It is cetainly worth the $13 I paid for it.

  • Rhiannon C Kricki - but I seriously just used this product and am amazed! No more Windex for me

    I dont write a lot of reviews, but I seriously just used this product and am amazed! No more Windex for me. This and newspaper are top notch! No streaks and its crazy clear! Can't say enough good things.

  • Bekki M. - Great Gift

    I was so excited when I saw this because I needed a gift for someone who loves to cook, however, I wanted to give them something special. She loves HP and I think she has already attempted several recipes from this and she has only had the cook book a week!

  • Brian#44 - ... using this tea for several months now and absolutely love it. I have a cup at night about ...

    I have been using this tea for several months now and absolutely love it. I have a cup at night about an hour before bedtime and when I get up in the morning I am set to go with what I can only describe as a very clean bowel movement. The taste is actually very enjoyable and the fact that it is all natural ingredients is a huge plus. Feels like a treat!