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  • wild dunes - Has made our projects easier

    Sure glad I got this when I did. Another person and myself both work on Publisher documents. I already had 2010 but he was using 2003. I got this for him. Has sure made our projects easier. What an improvement over 2003.

  • In Search of Value - Best Stroller I've Found

    We're expecting our second baby and we needed a new stroller. We have two strollers that we used with our first son -- the BOB revolution and a Maclaren Triumph. We were looking for a stroller that would at least have a rumble board and preferably also a second seat.

  • Kindle Customer - Very pleased!

    I've had this hot plate for almost 2 months and have no complaints this far. The look and feel of it far surpasses the $10-15 hot plates you find at local stores. It is very heavy and sturdy, and the legs don't wobble.

  • Nichole - You get like a tiny pea size out and the pump doesn't ...

    I use this once or twice a week along with a high dose of biotin and I've noticed a huge change in hair loss and growth. Not only that, but I have/had very oily hair. Not anymore! I never used to go so long without washing my hair, but this really has changed my hair. My only gripe is the pump. It doesn't work at all. You get like a tiny pea size out and the pump doesn't retract back up to allow more to come out.

  • Woods - Great stuff

    Always good. Always does what it should. I remember my mom getting this exact same product from "The Watkins Lady" (who went door-to-door back then) over 40 years ago. It has always been great for cold symptoms, scratches, scrapes, and you name it. (If I say too much more, I'll sound like the old medicine man hawker from 100 years ago. But it is good stuff!)