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  • Amanda Flint - My parents sold me into slavery to buy this TV...

    Little did they know, the man they sold me to is part of an ongoing undercover investigation into slave trafficking. I got a nice vacation, and the authorities came knocking on my parents' door. Best part is? The investigator said I could keep the TV. Let me tell you, this thing is so sweet. It's like I'm in the movie. All my friends love to come to my house. With no parents and this awesome TV, it's like party central every night!

  • Diane Reader - Grammy CD

    First time I got one of the grammy cds and I really enjoy it. For someone in their 50's who likes to keep up with the music it is very fun to listen to all the new groups and types of music.

  • Liza R - It works but I just wish it could have been ...

    It works but I just wish it could have been cheaper. I bought another brand which is half the price.

  • dito - To all those who rate it below level.

    I weighed 185 pounds when I use to fight in competitions in the service. I gained 263LBs the beginning of 2012 I started loosing weight naturally by eating right and slowly changing my eating habits. I got stuck at 210LB my goal was to reach 200 by December However I lost a month and a half. I cheated by using these pills and yes I I caught up to my goal plus beyond my expectations and reached 195 by the end of November. It's the end of the year December 27 2012 to be exact and I saw bad postings by those who are not dieting or eating right in the first place. I am trying to see if I can buy more. Because: