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  • Jerrigirl - Facinateing read

    This book goes into great detail about Americas founding fathers and the plan of the elitist. This book helps to understand the enemies probable next move and even who the anti Christ may well be.. It shows play by play the reasoning behind the bohemian grove elitist and elitist from around the globe. and there future plans to deify themselves. And if they were to succeed in this plan, the rest of the worlds population would be slaves to them. Thank YHVH that will never happen..

  • LarryD - Software is DOD (Dead on Download) and not updates availible.

    Going to have to give this one a low mark. I just purchased, downloaded and installed the product and the 1st problem I ran into when the software is first started I get the following message. "Quicken WillMaker Plus 2015 is no longer being updated." ????