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  • D. H. Martin - Terrible Service

    I received a badly damaged product (on time). The box had many holes in it, and three of the main plastic casing parts of the treadmill were shattered. I called to ask for a replacement. Instead they had me look up the part numbers so that they could ship me the broken parts, so I could fix their treadmill myself (for them). Three weeks later, I still don't have my parts. I asked them to compensate me for the long wait and for the labor it will require for me to install the replacement parts. They told me that the shipping cost for my parts was my compensation. Horrible customer service and I haven't even set one foot on the treadmill. Do not buy from this company. I wish I could give them zero stars.

  • tabularasa - This is the real Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga.

    This, I feel, is the real Lady Gaga, a la Stefani Germanotta. A quick look up of her music prior to her becoming "Mother Monster" and this was the style of music she performed. I don't need the meat dress, the crazy wigs, the hit-me-over-the-head shock and awe, I need Lady Gaga to be true to herself and be the woman she is inside her heart and soul. I've been a fan from the beginning and I've loved all her styles and progressions, musically and artistically because at that moment in time, whatever she did, she felt passionate about, including the "ill-conceived" jazz album she did with Tony Bennett, which I absolutely loved (and I hate jazz but I love Lady Gaga). Vocally, Lady Gaga's voice is one of the best I've ever heard. Strong. Powerful. Passionate. Beautiful. There's something about the songs, the way her voice sings the lyrics that expose parts of her that she's kept buried, her pain, her triumph, her loneliness, her desire and her hope for the world. Lady Gaga is so much more than people ever give her credit for and I absolutely love this album.

  • Fredware - First Aid

    If you have the 2009 book, you should probably upgrade. If you have 2010, it's probably not as important to upgrade. Good luck on everyone with their board exams. There's not much else to say about this book because everyone knows how useful it is. If anyone gives it a poor review, they are just plain dumb. This book contains exactly what you need for the board exam. Pair it up with Usmle World Qbank, and you should be able to pass or do well on USMLE world (with additional books). You will need to supplement with the OMT green book for the Comlex Test. Hope this helps.

  • PS23 - Third Watch, great book!

    Great story, loved reading while waiting for a flight! Interesting to read, we Ned more stories about female police officers and how they help the community.