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  • Jdubnix - Absolutely No Results

    I was so excited to receive this free sample in exchange for my unbiased opinion since I have fibromyalgia which comes with severe nerve pain and muscle aches on a daily basis, as well as bulging discs in my lower back. I am ALWAYS looking to buy a new pain relief gel, spray, ointment or cream that will dull some of the daily pains that I feel. However, this cream fell very short of my expectations. I applied the entire sample to one shoulder where I had very achy muscles and felt absolutely nothing at all. The label states that it contains capscasin, which typically provides some type of tingling sensation- but nada. The one positive for this product is that there was no sticky or slimy mess left afterwards on my shirt or hands, but that was it. Really sad :(

  • Arthur - Amazon was great. The notebook arrived when they said it would

    Amazon was great. The notebook arrived when they said it would, with no apparent damage. The notebook fired right up and, after getting rid of all the adware and unwanted programs, works as it should. Be aware that the memory cannot be upgraded as it is soldered into the motherboard. I should have researched this more thoroughly. Other than that I am satisfied with my new pc.

  • Amazon Customer - Gazelle Edge---Great Buy!

    I have tried many different types of exercise equipment and this machine wins hands down. You just turn your tv on, start gliding and before you know it 20, 30 even 40 minutes have flown by! It has helped me increase my weight loss from 1/2 lbs. per week to 2 and sometimes 3 with an average of 30 minutes 4 times a week. My husband laughed when I purchased the glider saying it wouldn't do anything and now that he has tried it I can't get him off it! Don't hesitate any longer and buy yourself one.

  • Marianne Leipzig - Don't leave home without!

    This portable chair fits most tables and booths too! Easy to carry and pack. Very sturdy and safe. We use it at home on our breakfast bar. We now have three in the family. One for the grandparents, one in the car and one at home. It takes up very little space. The fabric washes up great. We love it.