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  • Amazon Customer - It actually works.

    I like it . It works if you do drink a lot of water and still semi diet through out the day. I run in the mornings and I take it usually before I go. I'm usually hungry in the morning but my appetite has changed a lot over the past few weeks and I'm down to a size 12 from an 18 so that's a big difference.

  • TobyT - Never alone with my microwave.

    When my friends I made up asked why I never go out, the answer was easy. My microwave is always there, its never going to hurt me or run out on a dinner date. Maybe a little cancer in my balls but thats nothing compared to a table for 1 at a chucky cheese. But This.. this book has expanded my pallet and has allowed me to taste the finest of kid's cuisine. I don't think I'll ever leave my parent's house.

  • Preston R Welter - Brotein.

    I've had tons of different types of protein powder ranging from really cheap and nasty, all the way up to really expensive but incredible quality. This stuff is the latter. It tastes great, mixes well, and boasts a lot more qualities than just simple whey protein. Definitely give it a try if you have a couple extra dollars to spare.

  • Michelle - not fun. For a small machine

    I have replaced flossing my teeth with this tool. I see a difference in my gum health, as well as an overall cleaner feeling in my mouth. It is awkward to use at first, but trust me it is not hard to get used to. I charged it overnight when I first received it, and that was over a month ago, so charging it is not a hassle. One tip for neewbies: DO NOT USE NORMAL SETTING WHEN FIRST USING, not fun. For a small machine, it has power.