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  • Welcome to Mercer University School of Medicine - Mercer University School of Medicine was founded in 1982 and offers the Doctor of Medicine degree, a Master of Family Therapy, Master of Public Health, Masters of Science in Biomedical Sciences, Master of Science in Preclinical Sciences and Ph.D. in Clinical Medical Psychology. Together these programs help fulfill the mission of the school by providing outstanding health care practitioners for the state of Georgia.
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  • J. Miller - Looks very nice in the dash

    Looks very nice in the dash. I ended up using the side mount brackets despite the instructions saying not to for the econoline. The head unit was kinda loosey goosey without them. Overall very happy but I'm not sure how I'll ever get the unit back out of the dash should I ever need to. Hopefully I won't...

  • Steven - Mixed feelings

    The installation was pretty easy. I needed the JBL adapter and when I finished the blue tooth audio for my phone lacked the quality from the stock install. The GPS is not bad although it takes a little getting used to. I drove from San Diego to Maine and it worked good enough, however I turned off the turn-by-turn because it was annoying. Also, when the directions are on and a road has a lot of turns though mountains or something the path cuts corners and just connects a couple of points on the road. That is pretty janky. The AM/FM and bluetooth audio work well and sound fine. It is expensive though! I am not sure if I would recommend or not because it does look good in the car and has a nice big screen. I don't think there is anything on the market that would fit so nicely in the console either.

  • C. D. - Makes my hair a stiff helmet

    I guess this is useful for updos but it doesn't look very natural and is incredible stiff to the touch. It fuses your hair into one big plastic helmet :( not a very touchable look! Brushes out fine and washes out well.

  • ShaShaGrace - Prime is a MUST-HAVE for all fish keepers!

    This stuff is highly recommended by almost every experienced cichlid keeper I've ever spoken with, and it hasn't failed me yet! It is one of the few de-chlorinators that won't ruin the regenerability (I think I just made that word up) of your Purigen (which is a filter media, for those who aren't familiar). Also, the company is really great at getting back to you with answers to your questions about their products. I trust SeaChem products because those more experienced than myself do, and because my fish seem healthier when I use them instead of some of the more commercialized, cheaper products (which is what I started out with). This is a great product.

  • Jonno - Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore are legends!

    Jason Fung is a visionary ahead of the curve and Jimmy Moore is possibly the biggest legend in low carb on earth. I finished it in one day and life will never be the same. Medically sound and unbelievably simple and practical. Everyone who needs to lose weight or help others do so needs this book in their lives.

  • D. D. Presneill - Perfect daily carry for everything from opening packages to tightening ...

    Perfect daily carry for everything from opening packages to tightening any loose screws. I use mine every day. Lightweight but tough!