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  • Justina - It arrived on time. Capsule design is small and ...

    It arrived on time. Capsule design is small and friendly. Too early to say about its full performance, as I've been using it for two weeks only. I do see though new very small hair coming out on my scalp, but this could be a coincidence of the fact I've been in Xmas vacation, with no stress and lots of rest...

  • Leroy (Lee) McDowell - Great Product

    Have been using for about 1 week. The first couple days I had what seemed like flu symptoms which is pretty normal for me during detoxing. From this I'm assuming the cleanse is doing job. I'll write more at the end of the 30 days.

  • D. Blanco - Only positive experiences!!

    I have been ordering items from wish for more than a year. I don't understand why there is so much negative reviews. I have had nothing but positive experiences!! Everything I have ordered has arrived. The items have been exactly what I have ordered. I have ordered from electronic items, jewelry, scarves, kitchen aides, and other numerous items. I have not ordered but one clothing item, which was too small as noted in many reviews. I also have not ordered any shoes. But, I find many very cute ones I would love to buy.

  • Chris - Works well for my use

    I have this oven of about 3 weeks now and have used it at least two to three time per week. The cook time seem to be on target, I always use the higher suggested time and the food comes out juicy and delicious. I have tried chicken thighs both from frozen and thawed and they seem to come out the same so, once it is cooked you will not really know if the food was cooked from from fresh or frozen meat. I have also tried it on apples with cinnamon sugar and my kids love it for dessert with vanilla ice cream.

  • Books And Spoons - Dark and eerie tale

    For the very last moments, this story is filled with danger, action, history, and romance. It is addictively alluring with the intriguing characters, both dead and alive, and the murder mysteries, that seem to come too close to home for the brave heroine.

  • Amazon Customer - EASILY one of the most reliable supplements for cognitive function on the market!!

    A few weeks ago, I finished up my Kinesiology degree having took one extremely, well-known difficult class over a very short period of time (5 week course), Biomechanics. As soon as 1st Phorm came out with MasterBrain, I immediately jumped on this product in hopes to aid me in my studies for clarity, and most importantly, memory retention. My goal over the course of the class was just to come out with a passing grade of a C so I wouldn't have to worry about taking it over again. I actually ended up receiving a B- overall!

  • Tobias Mann - You get what you pay for. Cheap, defective, Bait and Switch?

    There are a lot of things wrong with this product. First on the list. It doesn't work as advertised. I may have received a defective set, but that isn't the end of my problems. Based on the pictures of the product, what I received is not the same as what others may have when they wrote their reviews. The product was labeled DOT, it was not plug-and-play (without a load resister I suspect, hyper flash was a big issue.). The light pattern was inconsistent with what was advertised, but this was noted in the reviews. Perhaps the most damning reason I am returning this product is just during the time it took me to install them, determine that they weren't plug and play compatible with my Jeep, condensation built up under both lenses. One of the tail lights had arrived with a small crack around the lens near one of the screw holes, but he other did not have any sign of damage. Further criticism, the product was "vacuum sealed" using hot glue? I don't doubt that this product had great reviews, I simply believe the product I received is not the same as the one everyone else did. Needless to say I have returned them.