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  • Mike From Mesa - Decent software with some issues

    I recently upgraded from Creator 2011 (a full functionality OEM version from Dell) to the commercial Creator 2011 Pro version to allow me to create slide shows using blu-ray discs so I feel able to comment on both versions of this software. The first thing I should say is that I have never had the kind of problems mentioned by some reviewers and generally found the software to function well on my system.

  • exercise mom - Good product

    This is the 3rd Boots No 7 product I have purchased. I like this line of moisturizers and anti aging products and have noticed improvement in my skin over the past few months. This includes fewer lines and improved elasticity. I would recommend this product. It's relativity inexpensive compared to others that are similar and you get results.

  • Ronald Albert - Great book

    This is a good book. my son was able to increase his ACT score by 10 points after studying this book. I should also mention that I do not believe he actually studied for the first test.

  • Brent M. Gourley - Does a very poor job

    My laptop has been slowing down since putting Kaspersky on it. I removed it today and put spybot back on my laptop. Spybot found 27 instances of adware and the scan is just about half way done. I still have to run avast too.

  • Lvnlocs4life - Junk, Junk, Junk

    It looks nice, but boy will you have problem. I brought this for my son's 2013 Camero and I have been disappointed. If the company cannot get it to work properly, pull it off the market. I have had to take it back to Professional installers to try to get rid of the bugs.