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  • Reynaldo Bo - Compelling at first, but gradually turns boring

    Incredibly repetitive, understandable given the subject matter. Well written and certainly well researched. You have to marvel at the resiliency of spirit of these survivors. And at the thin line between courage and stupidity in setting off on such an expedition. And to what end? National pride, really, nothing more.

  • Mana Ionescu - Not fun like Wii Fit, not effective like Jillian's videos

    I am a huge Jillian fan and have gotten great results from her workouts. The philosophy behind her workouts is to combine strength training with cardio in fast-paced circuits to get the most effective workout in the shortest period of time. Following her videos accomplishes that, playing the game doesn't, mostly because the game has long pauses between exercises. I also tried to create my own circuits but didn't see enough variation between exercises to get a good upper-body/lower-boy/cardio/abs combo circuit. I do love how having the board and wii-mote keeps me honest when I exercise but I will only use this game when I'm bored and I don't want to get a hard workout. For my regular workouts I will continue to use Jillian's videos.

  • Maryanne Welch - Does Not Help with Stretch Marks

    This lotion claims to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and this is not true. It smells great and moisturizes well but it DOES NOT reduce stretch marks. I recently had my first child and have been using this product since my third trimester when stretch marks began to form and have not seen any change in the stretch marks while using this.

  • Amazon Customer - Thumbs Up

    I have a 2015 Grand Cherokee Limited and this fit like a glove. All told I probably spent no more than 15 minutes installing it after watching the short installation video the company emailed to me while the bars were in transit. They look great, and I am not experiencing any exceptional wind noise. I highly recommend.