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  • Josey Miller - Works great as an extra stove burner

    I bought this a year ago and used it many times. You can use it to do just about anything that a stove burner would do except for extremely high heating needs such as quick searing or professional stir frying. It gets hot enough to boil water for pasta in just a few minutes. Perfect for my needs and I love the fact that I can bring it to family or club gatherings to cook on the spot without always needing the use of their kitchen facilities (which are usually already over crowed). All I need is an electrical outlet, my ingredients and a sauce pan. A good buy at a low price.

  • Amazon Customer - Bad customer service, predatory pyramid scheme company

    I was excited to try this product as I know a person that is having success with it. I ordered the transformation kit, thinking I would go all in on the "challenge". I really enjoy the taste of their shakes. They make a good shake mix that tastes and smells like cake mix. I was able to mix these shakes with almond milk, sugar free jello mix, and powdered peanut butter to make a very tasty "butterfinger" shake that was only 180 calories. The shakes were never the problem.

  • Harry Morgan - Five Stars

    Excellent product for difficult jobs. Especially if you need to glue mixed materials such as plastic to glass.

  • Rottieboy - Good stuff!

    I had a small drip from the rear main of my '49 Willys. It has a rope seal. I called Blue Devil and they did not think it would do any good on a rope seal. They were right about that. No difference. However, I also had a small drip from the front oil seal in the timing cover and I had a weepy cork gasket on the oil pan. Happy to say that these drips seem to have now disappeared! This stuff does seem to work!

  • Nanci Little - THE classic rock opera

    It had been at least ten years since I listened to _The Wall_. Vinyl copy lost to divorce, tape copy eaten by car player--you know. One recent day I felt the urge to hear it. Ordered it on CD, waited impatiently for its arrival . . . but waited for the right time to pop it into the player.

  • SGWHIZ - It is nice to have the large ink reservoirs and the printer ...

    It is nice to have the large ink reservoirs and the printer is fairly fast; however, it's still an "inkjet" printer. The duplex printing function works well and the scanner is adequate. When printing solid colors some banding is noticeable and the paper tray capacity is limited. This is a good home or desk-side office printer. The higher price clearly reflects the manufacturer's wish to reclaim revenue from what would have been realized from ink cartridge sales.

  • Debbie's Themes - Way too much hype about this product

    I bought this produce since I was looking for a replacement for a similar Nick Chavez product that I've been using for years which is no longer available. After using it several times, I probably will not buy it again. While it doesn't bog down hair with an oily feel, it doesn't deliver the same shine and manageability that I had come to love with the Nick Chavez product. It's also overpriced for how much actual oil is in the product. I would rate this as simply "okay." As for the positives about this product, it works great even if you have fine, limp, or oily hair. It doesn't make your hair feel oily or heavy. My beautician suggested a similar product by Wella, but I have not yet tried that alternative.