Addiction Treatment Las Vegas - The Center for Addiction Medicine is a private Drug treatment clinic specializing in Addiction Treatment Las Vegas Nevada, for alcohol and drug addiction.

  • Dr. Michael S. Levy Center for Addiction Medicine - Dr. Michael S. Levy Founder and Medical Director of the Center for Addiction Medicine, Drug treatment clinic located in Las Vegas Nevada.
  • Curriculum Vitae - Addiction Treatment Las Vegas - In 1995, Michael S. Levy, D.O. established Southern Nevada‚Äôs only medical practice specializing in Addiction Medicine.
  • Addiction Treatment Services - Addiction Treatment Las Vegas - The Center for Addiction Medicine is the first and only private medical practice in the state of Nevada dedicated specifically to the treatment of alcoholism and other drug addictions. Founded in 1998 by Michael S. Levy, D.O., FASAM, the Center offers a full range of medical and therapeutic services to patients in need of treatment for alcohol and drug dependencies.
  • ADDICTION REHAB - Addiction Treatment Las Vegas - drug addiction rehab services to help individuals to lead a productive, drug-free lifestyle.
  • ADDICTION TREATMENT - Addiction Treatment Las Vegas - Dr. Levy offers a range of addiction treatment options that are medically effective and individualized to the needs of a specific patient.
  • News and Announcements - Addiction Treatment Las Vegas - News and Announcements. The Center for Addiction Medicine shares information about addiction and treatment.
  • Addiction Treatment Questions - Addiction Treatment Las Vegas - What is addiction medicine and what makes it different from other fields of practice?
  • Notice of Health Information Privacy Practices - Addiction Treatment Las Vegas - Doctors are required by the new Federal HIPPA laws to adhere to the highest privacy standards possible in order to protect patient confidentiality.

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