Adderall in israel - Detection Period - 2 Vicodin nanogramsto 4 days after use. Detection Level - 100 nanograms/mL. This oxycodone drug test is a urine drug... - Stačí otevřít a budeš v obraze.

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  • Amazon Customer - I just can't even.... I'm still crying from a few scenes, this hit me hard. I mean ridiculously hard. I didn't think it was poss

    I just can't even.... I'm still crying from a few scenes, this hit me hard. I mean ridiculously hard. I didn't think it was possible for Punky (Penelope Douglas) to make a better book. But then she does what she does best and surprise the s*** out of us. Misha and Ryens story was to much for me to bare. I have no words, no motivation to conjure words to even begin to describe how gorgeous their story is, the love, the anger, the devastation... I makes you want to cry and hit something while loving everything you've read all at once. Misha never once stopped surprising me, maybe I should have hated how mean he was but I didn't, I couldn't get enough he was relentless and sexy and I wanted nothing more then to be Ryen. Naturally I hated her, at first, she made me so mad, she reminded me of everything I hated about school, I felt like she didn't appreciate life, to me she was not deserving of Misha and then BAM she hit me with the unexpected, (which is what Pen does best). I slowly started to understand everything, then the book itself started to shred me apart and I felt like i couldn't handle it anymore... BUT I finished it, still fighting to find words for what I just read. Honestly I would highly recommend this book to everyone. I would like to see how everyone else would feel after reading this. Am I alone on my opinion on this book? Because if so you guys are CRAZY. Seriously though pick this book up and have your world torn apart. You deserve to have it ripped from you. So you can see how I feel, so "I'M NOT ALONE"

  • ned1644 - Wheel falls off. Programming stoped working

    Wheel falls off continuously like so many others. We have tried teflon tape on the axle, but after only 4 months of daily use, this should not be happening. We have hardwood floors with one area rug. Roomba does fine with changing from floor to rug and I don't think the floors are abusive to this wheel! After paying $500+ for this vacuum cleaner, I'm pretty upset about this design flaw. I've contacted their customer service, but so far have not received a response. I love the idea of the Roomba, and it has saved me lots of work, but the one star is for the annoyance factor.

  • Briana L Boose - This stuff is the real deal

    This stuff definitely works! I tried this while on my tropical vacation where I knew I would have more than what I normally would drink in terms of rum drinks and I felt fantastic the next day. Normally I would be dragging and have a headache, but I felt fine and I worked out and proceeded to have a perfectly normal day. Definitely would by again.

  • Mulberry - Gift for hubby.

    Beyond-me to actually judge this product, but hubby loved it. So that is good-enough for me. : ) Will do it next Christmas too. Recommend!

  • Martie - Grow Grow Grow

    Your hair will definitely grow! I have used it for about three months on my very curly biracial Afro American and Caucasian hair and it has made my hair grow very fast. It also has improved the condition of my hair tremendously. I also have noticed a significantly smoother texture now since I started using Dr Miracle.

  • Paulino Aguayo Rojas - Very good Android phone

    I bought it for myself and I really love it. The only bad thing was that the battery charger didn't work from start. The charger came out of order. I couldn't returned it because I live in Paraguay. So, it was cheaper for me to buy a new charger.