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  • American Gothic - Fits well, no blue stripe on the black pair, air out before wearing

    We ordered the black pair of sleeves in XXL at the recommendation of Mava's customer service. My husband's knee fits in the XXL range but his calf is about an inch and a half larger than the maximum knee measurement due to years of bicycle racing in younger years so he was concerned he might not be able to pull the sleeve over his calf. The good news is he can pull it on over his calf. It takes a little effort, but once it's over his calf, it fits well.

  • D.J. Coffman - Great quality, great price, great design!

    I don't usually do this but I'm giving it 5 stars on delivery day. From the package to my phone I can see that the materials are quality and should hold up well. I immediately put three cards in the back, (my license, debit card, credit card) all fit well. The magnetic flap/door on the back feels sturdy and doubles as the adjustable stand if you wish. The other bonus is that since it's magnetic you can use the portable magnet holders for your car vents without installing a plate in your phone case. This does add a little weight to the phone overall but like someone else mentioned I like it to feel solid and have some weight to it. The case has nice texture so it won't go flying out of your hand. The reason I'm giving it a 5 out the box is the "holder" in the back is actually it's own compartment and won't scratch the back of your phone like other wallet cases. The bonus is that there is a built in small space between the compartment that actually looks like it's designed for shock absorption as well. I can't believe this case is only 18.89. My old basic Thule case was nice but $$$. Hopefully I'm correct and this case quality holds up over time. If not I'll be back to confirm! But for the price if this covers a year of this model of phone it's a bargain!

  • Kathy L. - comparable to other brands

    This serum has a nice texture and goes on well. Comparable to other wrinkle serums in efficacy but is cheaper, which is nice. I probably haven't used it long enough to see results. I'm not sure at this point if I will reorder.

  • Janet B. Luttrell - User manual

    Second time I have posted that I did not receive the user manual in my package and I need it to use the essential diffuser. May I get an answere? Thanks

  • Jorge L. Garcia - A miracle cure for everything except death

    A miracle oil that cures everything except death. I can write a book about the amazing results of this oil. I have many testimonies but I will only list the two most important ones just to give you an idea of how amazing this product is. I want to start off by telling you I'm not getting paid for this review I'm not getting any benefits from this company I am not getting this product at a reduced price. My experience using this product has been so epic that I must share it with everyone.