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  • Wanderer - Works If You Let It

    I have been applying this daily to my toe nails using a cotton swab and after 2 1/2 months it has dramatically improved! I have battling a bad case of toe nail fungus for nearly two years and made no headway using different recommended soaks involving bleach, lemons, vinegar and garlic. I tried 4 different OTC remedies - one I think made the fungus more aggressive. I used a topical prescription recommended by my Dr for over a year with no relief. Read a post from another Dr suggesting tea tree oil, which I had never heard of, and figured I had no where to go but up. The two worst toes are now about 85% resolved and the others are all in good shape. I live in the Deep South, golf 4-5 times a week and my feet sweat constantly, not a a good situation re fungus. I am continuing to use the tea tree oil daily and plan to going forward as an easy, inexpensive preventative .

  • Stew Meat - Resource hog!

    I had to delete it from my computer because it ran so slow. I have a 1.5GHZ Centrino with 2gigs of RAM. I did get a refund even though it is a download. Also, you can't scan and attatch receipts to this program. I need something to help me keep track of my expenses and would like it to have the ability to upload receipts. I don't know what I'm going to use, but it won't be Quickbooks! This is useless junk!

  • Brandiy - Very easy to use

    I decided to make this my own & mixed one cup powder with one container, 32oz, of very low cal chocolate soy milk & blended it in my blender. I fill 3 glasses and have one for each meal and add a cup of veg broth with dinner just to have something hot, I lost 16lbs the first month with no problems. I eat & drink normal on weekends but I've found I'm alot more choosy about what I eat.

  • Robert Keeling - this is a perfect every day flashlight

    This is a great flashlight for security duties and for general everyday use. It never leaves my side. if you are looking for a bright and tough little light look no more.

  • Bookworm Maynard - Neat not so neat to install or use

    After at least 4 hours of multiple attempts to install the software to run my new Neat scanner I remain frustrated and extremely disappointed in this product.