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  • Mom2three - Great for your washer

    I used this about every 6 weeks to clean out my washer. I did the BIG mistake a year ago by pouring a lot bleach and scorching hot water and letting it sit in my washer over night. I thought I was getting all the buildup off by doing this and boy was I wrong. The worst part is it took a few weeks for me to realize the damage I had done! My clothes starting coming out with rust stains. I kept reading for different type of remedies and nothing solved my problem. ONE empty load with CLR and the rust was gone! Now I just maintain it clean by using it every 6 weeks

  • Mimi - Junk!!!

    This tablet is a piece of junk!!! I've had mine for a few days and I'm already sick of it. It is soooo freaking frustrating trying to navigate anything. The screen is not very responsive. I literally had to constantly pound on the screen multiple times for anything to work. Internet completely shuts off every time I tried to open more than one browser at a time. The battery life is a joke, does not last more than 2-3 hours during constant use. It is nearly impossible to find a good position so that you don't get a glare from the screen when viewing anything. It would be much better to spend a few extra bucks to have something better. This crap is not worth the frustration!!! I will be returning this tablet for a refund.