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  • Dawn Annette Bragg - which is great improvement for me

    Started taking this to add into existing mineral regimen to help reverse osteoporosis. I have come from the "high risk range" to "normal risk" for my age according dexascan, which is great improvement for me. Minerals are leached from bones as we age the more acidic our body becomes, to maintain delicate ph balance of our blood. While it seems to have improved neck & back issues, it surprisingly improved the sensitive subject of "dare I say" hemorrhoids, a private issue one does not usually discuss to anyone in private or public. Only mentioning to help someone else with this annoying problem. After childbirth I'd suffered with them daily for years, often accompanied with severe bleeding. For me to consider seeking professional help for a health issue is extremely rare. I mention this so you get an idea of how terribly plagued & severe they were, and how miraculous the change in condition. Now, barely puffy, no pain, no bleeding! Collagen maintains strength & flexibility throughout the body, within the skin, bone & connective tissue. I agree with published medical information about collagen 100%. It has worked well in improving my body's connective tissue, if it improves my skin and hair as well those will be an added bonus. I recommend it 1000%😍

  • Nigel G. Bowen - Good helpful book

    Fairly good book for getting started but does not cover some features for non profits which is what we needed. May buy the non profit book.