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  • sss147 - Solid anti-virus software

    If you just need anti-virus software, this product will do the trick. It's easy to download and install, and it removes your existing anti-virus software. It's customizable and it does not slow down your computer like some of the older versions did.

  • Claudia L. Einertson - good

    This product is good IF the fruit is at just the correct ripeness, but if the fruit is a bit hard and not super ripe, it can have a bitter taste. It is also necessary to clean the Yonana straight away or it is difficult to clean. I probably wouldn't buy it again, but it would be good for kids or adults who need to eat more fruit, but they don't like the texture of fruits. I think I liked it better when I made it, froze it, and then ate it like a sorbet. I purchased this at Amazon and then found I could get it at Target for about 30. less. :(

  • J. Costa - Watch out for this

    Look for reviews of this on Google. You will find lots of them. All sponsored by this company. That should tell you something. The claims are wildly exaggerated.

  • New York Bargain Hunter - Abreva says it's not for shingle AKA herpes zoster

    I love this stuff for my cold sores. I've had sores my whole life, every winter since I was little. Sometimes other things can trigger it, such as something dirty like dust or high stress. Normally I got it once a year, sometimes two. Anyone who has it knows it's hell. For 20 years I had to live with it, I've tried all the ointments, treatments and each one hurt more than the next. Then Abreva came out, it's magic! Being an experienced sufferer, I knew exactly when each episode would occur. The first time I used this stuff, it worked immediately. The symptoms were shortened by at least 1 week. Second time I caught it before it started and nothing came out, same as the next few times, never came out. Years have gone by without one outbreak. I have a new tube around the house every 2 years just in case.

  • Shalonda Collier - Royal Majesty!

    This book was good from beginning to the end. I like Royal and Majesty together, but I see its going to be some mess in the game. I like that some of the old characters from Money and Montana made an appearance. Drake is silly as hell and Destiny is my girl. Great storyline, definitely will recommend. Great job!