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  • Neue - Big expectations, little results.

    Several years ago, something catastrophic happened to me. It defining moment in my life that had altered the path that I hoped and truly believed I was destined to follow ... puberty. Aside from the growth spurt and the squeaky voice, one of the side effects of puberty was acne. Even though I was instructed in health class not to pick at our pimples and zits, the thought of having such a red, spotty was just so unappealing to me that my instinctual urge to get rid of them overpowered fact and reason. After the first couple times of picking at them, they were gone and I was content. But they started reappearing and so I started to pick at them much more aggressively. Little did I know that by picking at them, I would end up with a much worse and complex problem than had I just left it to naturally go away by itself. I ended up with acne scars on my nose, clogged pores on my nose and cheeks, and patches of acne scattered throughout my face. Thus, throughout my high school and college life, I lived in shame, hiding my face, and paying the penance for my foolish actions. After years of trying countless of products from expensive skin treatments to DIY home creams (don't do it!), I decided to try the Acne Scar Cream from New York Biology. Having tried their anti-wrinkle eye cream and being satisfied with it, I decided to give this product a try.

  • James - Nice freebie...

    Received as a free gift with a larger purchase. Looked good under the Christmas Tree next to the Lego Ewok Village he came with. As always, free is free - not a whole lot to complain about here...

  • SUSAN C MAKSYM - Enjoyed the read

    Enjoyed the read. Didn't like the ending, thus the 3 stars rather than 4 as I was prepared to give. The ending was like a big "thud". I thought the author could have done better.

  • Brandon C. Strom - The Simple Truth (about all home security systems)

    I won't waste any of your time with a verbose attempt at humor. The following is my sad experience with Simplisafe.

  • bryan - Freezes Constantly. Very Buggy. Terrible Support

    On paper, it's an amazing product, and it is when it works properly. However, it freezes multiple times per day, and the only way to unfreeze it is to remove the battery. It's really hard to do that when it's in its case and you're out skiing or surfing or have it attached to your car. Even if it wasn't, you shouldn't have to deal with issues like that from a premium product like this one.

  • Crystal One - don't recommend use in living areas

    I bought this product to address the problem of the occasional mouse in the attic. They recommend you place the product in areas mice frequent and near possible entry points, but you have to be able to retrieve the product near the end of the 30 day effectiveness period. (Once the scent dissipates,the packets contain vegetative matter that mice could find attractive. They warn that if your mice are "ravenous", they might eat the packets.) I tied brightly colored string to the individual packages, secured the string with staples, and tossed the packets into attic areas with limited accessibility. My plan was to be able to pull on the strings to collect the packets, rather than having to crawl around to locate them every month.