Amoxil 1g Posologie - Amoxicilline Acide Clavulanique 500 Mg Teva - Que contient amoxicilline eg 250 mg/5 ml, poudre pour suspension buvable ? Ce médicament contient 1,1 g de saccharose par cuillère-mesure : en tenir compte dans la ration journalière en cas de régime pauvre en sucre ou de diabète. Hépatite (inflamma

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  • Paula - You get what you pay for ...

    I am attempting to return this item. It arrived much later than expected and we were unable to monitor tracking. The item is considerably lighter in weight than any of my other Yeti 30 oz tumblers. All my other Yeti lids have the frosted embossed Yeti on them. This product does not. The lid is stamped with Yeti but it is clear and has a scratch from the edge to the vent hole. The vent hole is also much smaller than all my other YETI lids. If it is not a knockoff it is a second at the best. When I purchased it was written as fulfilled by Amazon but it is not. I now have to deal with the shipper which is in China. So glad I purchased with AMEX!

  • Arthur Zepeda Jr. - Beware! Error 53

    This game was purchased from Best Buy shortly after the games release for approximately $50. This is an important fact for my review as you will see later. I am what you will call a casual gamer. Since the games release I was able to get my Barbarian character up to level 19 thru the beginning of Act 2. I am not a fan of having to login to every time I play the game. As most reviews show this is the main reason for all of the 1 star reviews. Well, on the afternoon of July 8, I received an email from Blizzard with the subject heading "Blizzard Store--Purchased Failed". You better hope to God you never get this email. Basically the email says that "since we could not fully authorize this item's purchase (they are referring to Diablo 3, the game that I purchased in Best Buy), it has now been deactivated. At first I thought this was a fraudulent email. After a couple of days I attempted to play Diablo 3, and after I logged in, I received "Error 53" which states that your account has been suspended. After creating a trouble ticket to Blizzard which I knew I was screwed since I know how these always turn out, I received a reply back stating that the game that was on my account was purchased online, and since the transaction didn't go thru, the game was removed from my account. Not only did they remove Diablo 3, but they also removed Starcraft 2 which has been on there since it came out. They wiped my entire account clean. I haven't tried to reinstall yet, but I can already bet that my authentication code no longer works. I will update this review later when I try that. Stay away from this game if you don't want this happening to you. I've sent 3 emails back on my ticket and each time they tell me that this game was purchased online.

  • Kevin - Great for Coaches Too

    This program has made my job as a coach to ten unruly preteens MUCH more enjoyable. None of the boys I coach are abusive or in need of a "total transformation" but the principles have worked extremely well to maintain order in what was previously a chaotic, frustrating environment.

  • mknmike - Better than Doctor's Office Freeze

    I'm pretty sure I've had this wart for over 10 years now. I've had others when I was younger, but never one as persistent (or deep) as this one. It's like a plantar wart, but on the palm side of my index finger, so abuse keeps it from growing above the skin. When my hands get dry, it might grow and split a bit, at which point I'd norrmally trim it back, and maybe use a band-aid to keep it from drying out futher.

  • B. Masters - Anti-Mold Spray by Siamons International

    This is a fantastic product for treating your brick walls and siding to prevent mold accumulation. Once I cleaned the mold off my sunroom interior, I used this spray liberally as a sealant to prevent any new mold from occurring. Thus far, it has worked exactly as promised and I have not seen or smelled any mold growth. The only downside is a little industrial smell which goes away after a few days if you just open the windows. Using this product gives me peace of mind that the mold will not return. However, to be safe, I also paired this product with a dehumidifier to work in tandem to stop mold growth. Highly recommend this product - you don't need a use a lot of it to get great anti-mold protection. Would buy again.

  • Mark I. - Looked new

    The fob looked brand new. The dealership charged me $107 to program and cut the key. That is the part that is a rip-off, but not as big as a rip-off as a dealership charging $300 for a new one. Thus this lil baby only cost me 1/2 price. BTW, dealer said if key couldn't be programmed he was still going to charge me the $107! Glad it worked!

  • Emily Hara - Regional Result

    I have used it for two weeks and am pleased with the result. Wrinkles, fine lines and some of the dark spots seem to be dimishishing. I have my husband trying it; but, It's too soon to make an evaluation. I shall reorder soon.