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  • Debbie Hall - This is a terrible compilation of depressing stories that appear to have been ...

    This is a terrible compilation of depressing stories that appear to have been written to impress the literary community with no regard to outside readers. The book never got any better, sordid story after sordid story. Absolutely awful.

  • Mark Bossingham - What a deal!

    Wow, what a deal. Great fun and I am one of those that actually like waiting for the next episode. And kudos to Amazon for vastly improving the whole serial experience. I read one a while back and I paid a buck for each episode. They came in individually--I ended up with 11 or 12 discrete "books" clogging up my screen. The new model--tacking the latest episode onto the last--is vastly superior. Last time, I actually paid more for the entire book than it eventually cost upon completion, I think. And if I had wanted the whole book, I would have had to buy it again. OK, enough of that. Gischler is a fine fantasy writer and so far so great. Enjoy.

  • Linda Barrett - Excellent naughty halloween box set

    This review is just for Halloween treats even though this fantastic book comes with buy me 2,riding red and taking what's wicked which are also brilliant reads.

  • Filter - You make your bed...

    So...this little book thread has really made the rounds hasn't it? There are some who argue that the posts are a bit too harsh and unmerited while others think that this kid is getting what he deserves (I mean come on kid...the first rule that my dad, a fighter pilot, told me when I started flight school was to keep your mouth shut and stay below the radar...which, I couldn't follow because like to run my mouth and so it didn't work out for's cool I love what I do now and running my mouth is perfect for this job). And in the immortal words of Tom Wolfe, those who have IT, don't talk about IT (and by IT...well if you don't know, look it up) So yeah, that is one of the unspoken rules of this game, and if you break them, what do you don't get invited to be part of the club.

  • arty9 - Avast Free is a scam people! Don't waste your time.

    I don't know if they have changed this software recently, and the great reviews people are giving are based off an earlier version that was much better, or if the reviews are fake. But I do know for sure, this free 2015 software is crap!! If there was a zero star I would give it that! So, I wasn't expecting much given the fact that it is free, but it was much worse than even my really low expectations. If you download this, nearly EVERY feature it has is not usable unless you buy an upgraded version. Even the basic firewall wasn't working unless I paid!! Really? A basic firewall you couldn't even give me that? ALSO it has an option to scan your router to make sure its secure, and it popped up with this message saying my router has been compromised/hacked and its a huge security threat. I was skeptical (given the fact that immediately below this message is another one saying I can solve this problem and keep myself safe by buying such and such on their paid version, blah blah. How convenient right?) But I was still freaked out, called my computer geek buddy to double check this, to see if my router had really been hacked. After thoroughly checking it out he said everything was fine and they were just trying to to scare me into buying their paid services. So I uninstalled this SCAM from my computer and have gone with paid software from another company.

  • Michelle Neubert - Every Lady Needs To Read This!

    A very deliciously dirty fun read! I loved how Isabella Sterling went beyond the very played out D\s relationship. Instead she have us the slightly still taboo, Daddy Dom\ baby girl dynamic....and she totally owned it! The story of Max and Lola Grace is not very realistic, but I wouldn't have wanted it to be. This is one of those books that let's you leave your day behind, and escape into a world of naughty fantasy. Where good guy is so good at being bad. Grab some wine ladies, and enjoy the ride!

  • Paul G - Perfect size for two Tweens, super bouncy

    After reading other reviews we had no issues assembling this trampoline. Our kids love it and use it regularly. It has been assembled for about 6 months and is showing no signs of wear. It is very bouncy. I am 250 lbs and have no issues using it either. Sometimes I will jump with my kids and its fun for the whole family. Highly recommended!