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  • Annie Jackson - Good stuff

    It really did work I lost 15 pounds n a month starting my 2nd bag now anyone that want to try it go for it

  • Amazon Customer - Truly works!

    I love this shampoo! It helped get rid of a nasty smell our puppy had picked up from swimming in a lake over the summer. Now he smells fresh and clean, and bacteria free!

  • latoya - hair feels like butter!!!

    omg i love this product i didnt really believe what people were saying about this product because people tend to exaggerate alot when talking about things they like but i decided to try it anyway.i brought the chi keratin mist first and it smelled kinda strong compared to this product but i really did like it, until i tried this product it was great and it didnt smell as strong as the keratin mist and as soon as i put it in my hair and combed it, it just glided through wow, and im a little past my perm date and my new growth is there but this product got my hair in shape all i needed to do was blowdry (i only had to blowdry with the keratin mist to) and my hair was straight now i wish i had brought a bigger bottle

  • Jessica Best - It really controls hunger

    I loved it! Although I must admit I really didn't believe they would work. But here I am buying another bottle! I've lost 15lbs. Using this with Herbalife multivitamin.

  • Matthew Baillie - Great, all-around entertainment powerhouse.

    I am enjoying this product very much. I prefer this to the PS4 because it is an all around entertainment hub and not just a game console. If you're a hardcore gamer then you may not need these capabilities and the PS4's pros and cons would be a better fit for you. They have updated the console and it's features several times since its launch so they worked out the initial kinks pretty well. I use the voice controls often for tasks and navigation and they work pretty well for the most part except when there is a lot of background noise. I haven't used the motion controls for games that much but I can tell that it has improved a whole lot from the 360s Kinect. Some apps don't function all that well but I think that that is probably across all consoles due to their poor development and implementation. I highly recommend getting the Xbox One Media Remote if you use any streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Video. I also highly recommend reading reviews for games post-release before buying them. There have been a number of hyped up games that didn't turn out to be very good when they came out.

  • Michael P. Hussey Jr. - If you are bootstrapping a company, this is especially a must read

    I was young when I read The Goal, but it taught me everything I needed to know about optimizing teams and processes. If you are bootstrapping a company, this is especially a must read. In business, as in life, you are faced with bottlenecks hindering your progress. Those bottlenecks are holding up lots of traffic behind them (Goldratt's theory of constraints). Take those bottlenecks and move them to the front of the priority list.

  • Suzy Q Tx. - Step by Step medical coding

    This is an educational book Good teaching format Very informative for continuing education.Good type print making reading easy on the eyes. Good delivery service from seller