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  • Denise Van plew - Oh My!

    So here he has gone and done it again. For one whom has not been at it long it would seem he has been hiding his talent and the gift to ensnare anyone who enters in. It would seem as though things were child play in the previous novels compared what is in store in this one. You are soon whisked away being front and center on all the action with the one bad player in town making his presence known right from the beginning-Dajjal. I will have sores from the times I grip my hands together causing white knuckles. This is intense paranormal thanks to the adventure that is within but love of romance not forgotten but it sizzles red hot. Alot of attention into the drama adventure that these characters go through which makes for a good satisfying read. Not taking away from the other authors I love to read in this genre but he is different and unique. He also doesn't just pull on heartstrings he can yank them along with the ups and downs he will take you, hope there is no road sickness in ya. He will leave you in tears and screaming at the end too raised fist with thinking good thing he is not near by or I would give him a ear full.

  • Mama Cass Elliot - Don't put this stuff on your beautiful floors

    The installer of our solid oak hardwood floors recommended this product and we have used it faithfully for 30 years! The finish was semi-gloss but the floors always looked dull and scummy and dirty no matter what. We cleaned them at least weekly. Finally, after all these years we stopped using Bona or any other cleaner and simply cleaned with a steam-mop. You have to move quickly and don't let the floor get wet but it does a fabulous cleaning job. We get tons of dirt on the microfiber cloth on the stem-mop AND the floors are actually clean and shining! We finally see the gloss that should have been there all along. I agree with other reviewers who have said DO NOT put this dull gunky stuff on your beautiful floor. All you need is a steam-mop or vinegar water.


    This product is a God send!!! Our cat was literally dying with taking Methimazole as prescribed by our veterinarian. She was having diarrhea & vomiting everyday and down to 4 1/2 pounds. We were thinking of putting her down. Went on the internet & Googled natural medicine for cats with hyperthyroidism and Thyroid Support Gold from Pet Wellbeing came up. Read the reviews & ordered it. That was last Friday & with Amazon Prime shipping it came Sunday. By Tuesday we started to notice that there was no diarrhea or vomiting. Today is Thursday and things are still great. I can't say how profoundly grateful we are to have found this product. I'm going to recommend it to our veterinarian instead of using Methimazole maybe other cats lives can be saved from misery & death. Looking forward to seeing her put on a few pounds to be healthy again!

  • hots2trotsky - Health risk for the family

    Prior to purchasing this product I would recommend entering "pfoa lawsuit dupont" into your preferred search engine. After reading up on the topic it's clear to me that I don't want to expose my family to these kinds of toxins. You can decide for yourself but in my opinion it's frightening that they can even sell this stuff considering what we know about it.

  • Cyanne - No pain

    After determining the Rx pain medicine my doctor prescribed I was told to try Tylenol. It was fantastic. No pain.

  • Curtis Tyner - Has on record.

    I have the sound track for Miami Vice on record, loved that song now have on MP3 will play it till I can't play it anymore, loved the show Miami Vice.

  • Neal C. - I enjoyed it

    I enjoyed the stories in this book, but I have to agree with another reviewer, who was disappointed that the stories were from a predominantly male point of view- I also found the lens through which these stories view the world to be somewhat limited.