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Country:, Europe, RO

City: 26.1 Bucuresti, Romania

  • Zhenshan Huang - The formula will expire in 3 months, and you never know this until you receive the package.

    The formula I purchase is sold by Orksel Inc, but it was fulfilled by Amazon. As a common sense, I usually don't buy food that is near its expiration date, especially when the food is for a newborn. There is nothing wrong with the formula itself if you are going to use it right away. But If your baby is not born yet and you are just preparing, be very careful. I advise that you should call to check the expiration date of the formula you are going to purchase. Even though Amazon offers outstanding customer service, returning items to third party or outside seller could still be hustle and maybe costly.

  • Blues30 - My joints even felt great! However

    I wanted this product to work. I was really desperate. I ordered a box of this as well as the five lac. After taking Three Lac all my yeast symptoms subsided. My joints even felt great ! However, I felt like I was getting a UTI. After having a big problem with UTI's in the past this really scared me. So I called Three Lac and they told me it was part of the die off and I wanted them to be correct. So I went down to half a packet. I even had my husband try this and he felt like he was getting sick. The half a packet still made me feel like I had a UTI. I also had horrible abdominal cramping while taking this. So I stropped taking it and the UTI symptoms and abdominal cramping went away.

  • Jed M. Shivers - Works as advertised. Right now I'm using it to ...

    Works as advertised. Right now I'm using it to ride indoors. It's not set up for that as it seeks GPS bearings and it doesn't register the work out, because it's not set up for indoor bike riding. However, it DOES provide an ongoing display of my cadence which is what I am seeking and I understand that indoor cycling may be in the offing.

  • jeannes - I love these chairs and the price is great!

    These are the most amazing chairs you will ever sit in! They take all the pressure off your back and you feel amazing. So comfy and would highly recommend!

  • Amazon Customer - Nice to have a replacement for my 12 year old ...

    Nice to have a replacement for my 12 year old shoes that were falling apart. Glad they had the larger size. I couldn't find them locally in a Wide