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  • It's Jenni! - I love this stuff

    I love this stuff! The spices are amazing. You could drink on one bag for a while (keep adding hot water). It has really helped my belly fat (struggle area). Now I have my coworkers drinking it. I will buy again. It's my go-to tea.

  • Kevin Schey - For serious photographers

    The book has helped with ideas how to sell my photos along with the contacts. I get a new version every couple of years to have an updated contact list.

  • raymond daniel - FALSE ADD., UNTRUSTED SELLER.

    I purchased this product thinking it was a great deal, what I got in the mail and opened the package, the seller had sent a 3 device Webroot software printed on the front cover. I emailed back the seller that this version was incorrect and he said it was the only one he had. I told him that I wanted to send back the product for a full refund and he said he would do that, but when I explained to him that I don't think I should pay for shipping charges back as it was not my mistake for sending the wrong device or the add was incorrect he did not respond! I tried sending more emails to him with no response. I got frustrated and I'll settled for 3 device and so I removed the sticker at the back to reveal the key code. I tried to load the disc and it came up as INVALID key. I called up Webroot and they said that the key is EXPIRED. I asked them, how is that? I just purchased it online from a private seller at Amazon and they told me that it's an older version and the key expires after a few months if not activated. They said they get it a lot and not to purchase software online.

  • Voyn238 - Good protection, great price.

    I have owned a set of these in red for a few years now. I noticed recently that I had been fooling myself and that due to fading they were now actually more pink than red. I picked these up as replacements and so far they are doing really well for me. I always figured that full finger gloves wouldn't breathe well, but someone convinced me to try these and I'm glad they did. When I've got my hands on the bar, the oncoming wind passes right through, and my hands actually feel cooler in them than with my original pair of fingerless gloves. Go figure, huh?

  • mia younger - Bomb baby

    This book was everything I loved it from beginning to end. I can't wait for part 2. P.S. I should kick your ass for how you ended part 1 lmao.