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  • Matt - a work of art

    It's difficult to think of an album that still holds its audiences transfixed more than twenty years after its initial release. With most bands producing albums consisting of nothing more than a collection of singles, a single song is the image conjured in the mind when a band's name is mentioned. Pink Floyd, however, managed to carve themselves a niche in the wall of rock music not once, but twice ("The Dark Side of the Moon" being the other occasion) by producing concept albums, with a central idea or thread flowing throughout both sides of the record. The Floyd took this one step further in "The Wall," however, bestowing characters and a plot, melding them seamlessly with music and effects, and crafting, without a doubt, an album which is the pinnacle of creative musical expression. As with all great art, "The Wall" reveals reasoning behind human turmoil, madness, and angst. It poses questions, and provides many layers for the listener to dig through, deeper and deeper with each listening, until finally reaching the point of complete understanding. For all of my searching, no other album I've found has done that. If you do not have this album, purchase it, close the doors, turn off the phone, play the CD and read the lyrics. Do yourself a favor. This is one of the few albums that is *about* something, and, if you listen carefully, you'll find out what.

  • JOHN MAYHAN - Very economical, durable, easy install- two caveats

    Came in 4 parts plus accessories: HDMI cable and a two mini levelers. The HDMI cable alone is worth $20 (BestBuy price). The mount came in 4 parts- two piece mounting frame and two mount arms. The smaller leveler came packaged with the hardware pack, and is not mentioned in the instructions. Use its clip side to attach to the top of the frame when mounting it. Here are my installation notes: 1) it so happened that where I wanted to mount the TV there was a stud in the middle, and the assembled frame holes could not reach the other studs, each 16" from the center stud. The frame is about 32" length overall. Generally one would just offset the frame to the left or right, but with a rather large monitor, I feared an off-center appearance in the end. The solution was to mount a 34" long piece of 1" x 12" pine board and use (4) 3" lag bolts with 1/4 washers to mount the board to the studs that were to the left and right of the center stud. Afterward mount the frame using (4) #12 1" sheet metal pan-head Phillips screws with matching washers. There was enough space just below this mount to conceal a new AC outlet and an access plate for the A/V wires. 2) the mounting arms have a hardware accessory pack that is insufficient. Along with screw (a,b,c,d,or e) and star washers (f), add regular machine washers between star washers and the mount arms. Without these extra washers, the smaller screws may slip through the mount arms and cause your monitor to fall. Other than these caveats, this is really nice product.

  • bookworm - ... four stars arrived in their original packaging and in perfect condition. Packaging was very good

    All four stars arrived in their original packaging and in perfect condition. Packaging was very good. Thank you!

  • Patricia A. Malin - I am pleased with the performance

    Office 2011 loaded into my MAC without any problems. I am pleased with the performance. There are a few differences between the Windows version and MAC version but if you use Office for Windows the transition should easy. I would recommend Office 2011 for the MAC.

  • dgencare - Great product at a good price

    I purchased both a black and white spool based on my past experience with this filament. I own a Lutzbot mini and never had a single filament related issue.