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  • bshound - 6 month shelf life

    This is quite expensive. I gave it as a stocking stuffer at Christmas and my husband hasn't used it yet. I will have to remind him to try it out, because the package says it has a 6 month shelf life. So even though Sugru is promoted as something to keep around because "you never know when it might be useful," if you aren't living with a dedicated DIY person you might better buy it when you need it.

  • Justin - Easy to read & follow

    Helped prepare my mother for her test in her additional night classes, she said it helped immensely.

  • George E. Roberts - 3M tape not holding

    Received the item quicker than quoted which was nice, however the 3M tape does not hold after installing. Not sure what to do or where I can get 3M tape to attach this properly. It would look nice if it stayed on. The other chrome pieces I ordered from them hold very well except this item.

  • truong duong - Stop paying for the dealer

    I drove nearly 2000 miles from California to Texas and only fill up the tank with cheapest gas all the way to texas. The problem was that I drove smoothly without any delay when accelerating,but by the time I arrived Texas,had everything settle down,The nightmare appear! I drove straight to Autozone and got a code P0420, Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold. I was scared the s*** out of me 'cuz I know the new CAT could cost me $1000 to replace,and my car is an used one so I don't wanna pay too much for an old car so I tried some search and found CATACLEAN on Amazon.First try i followed the instruction on the bottle,but after 30 miles of running and still MEL on.I really thought of paying some money to tun that damn light OFF. But today when I'm writting this review, and my car is nearly out of gas,MEL went OFF by itself.And I do believe that this product worked!

  • Raymond E. Horton - I just programmed this, and it does not work ...

    I just programmed this, and it does not work, except right up by the door. I plan to return it, and, when I get my refund, I will buy another, since the price is right, just in case a different one will work.