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  • singin in the rain - works better than some of the gh highly rated products, but see long term update

    I recommend this product pretty wholeheartedly for women who have aging skin. I am in my mid 50s and like most women, have tried many many products that claim to help with wrinkles and elasticity. When good housekeeping came out with their anti aging product recommendations a couple of years ago, I was excited to try some of the top scorers (tested with real women and results read by special machines that could determine things like wrinkle depth, etc). I tried L'Oreal revitalift deep set wrinkle repair for at least a 6 month steady use. I also tried the no 7 one, can't remember the name now for at least 6 months (different time period). Both of these rated on the top of the lists of the gh reports and when I was using one, I used it once a day for a long time, experimenting with either day or night application. I would say that those helped me ever ever so slightly, barely noticeable and kind of disappointing.

  • Jim rubia - It feels like little tingles and it's kinda weird but it's really ...

    I've had the flex belt for about a month now. I was interested of the flex belt because of the results from people I've seen. It feels like little tingles and it's kinda weird but it's really cool. The flex belt made the abs on my right side pop-out. Best product I've ever tried.

  • annette - Working great so far

    We've had this product for just over a month. I am using it on my toddler, who still has sparse spots that never quite grew in. We're working on growing her hair out in time for kdg. My husband and I have noticed a difference since we started using this product. I rub it directly onto her scalp and hair, every day. The downfall to this product is it's SUPER greasy!!! Moreso than anything I've ever used! Sometimes I'll use baby don't be bald on her scalp, and a different moisturizer actual hair to get the curls conditioned, because the bdbb is so overly greasy. If I use it before bedtime, I usually put a towel on her pillow to protect her pillowcase. Anyway, it could be our imagination, but it totally seems like this is working so far. Her hair looks thicker and fuller. We'll continue to use and I will update my review with future results, but so far, so good.

  • L. A. Duran - A little overhyped

    I suffered from what I believe was a chronic yeast overgrowth. No Doctor made this diagnosis so that was my best guess. My Kaiser docs were less than useless in diagnosing my health problems. After multiple diabetes, B12 deficiency, CBC and more tests that were all negative, I decided to take matters into my hands by trying ThreeLac. While I can't say that all my problems disappeared overnight, they reduced in intensity fairly quickly and after 4 months using ThreeLac (1 - 3 doses a day depending on intensity of symptoms) I can say that I am nearly back to full health. It took a lot more time and money than what other reviewers have claimed but it is the one product that has seemed to actually work. I also combined this with a greatly sugar reduced diet from the book "Feast without Yeast" to achieve results. Even a 2 week course of Diflucan didn't work as well as ThreeLac.


    I swear by this stuff. All my life Ive had acne, weak nails and split hair. Since I started taking this its made all the difference in the world. My nails are growing like crazy and my skin is remarkably clear. Everyone is noticing and I get many compliments from strangers even!! Highly recommended!!