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  • Allison Cangelosi` - This book was amazing. It was cool to see all of the twists and turns in her life

    I wanna recommend this book to anyone else who wants to know about the twists and turns in a girls life. I have this book a 5 star rating because I was interested in her friends and family members support her to get through many WARS!!!!!!!!-_-

  • Mardee - Cold-Pressed Black Seed Oil Softgels

    Sooo much better than the bottled oil. These are easy to swallow and there is no foul taste associated with them. The bottled oil is virtually unpalatable. Hope this helps!

  • Judy H in Pineville, La. - Great game to pass the time

    Fun for my five year old grandson and myself. I amaze myself sometimes when I am able to solve the larger puzzle without any hints.

  • Dorothy - The incredible shrinking mop

    I used a Libman Wonder Mop for about 10 years and replaced mop head when looking worse for the wear. The stick broke so I ordered what I thought was another just like it but it is a mini-me imposter. The mop head is probably four or five inches shorter than the old one. The plastic wringer thing is also shorter and very difficult for me to wring. I'm disappointed. Why is it that now when everything is supposed to be super sized this mop head and wringer thing have shrunk?

  • Lisa - I love this book

    I love this book. It is well organized and easy to use. I was using a different phonics book with my first grader. She hated it and it was a struggle to get her to do the lessons. After we had an accident with that one and it was ruined, I looked for a replacement that she might enjoy more. This one is it. The lessons are engaging and fun for her. She loves it and actually asks me if she work on her phonics book.

  • Eric T. Moore - Brings into focus what I knew...

    Thom lays out the issues facing America. I believes he is right. I suspect we're headed for a bigger crash than 2008 and I suspect it's being led by the very economic forces he is writing about. I would think they would want this to happen before 2016 to assure a GOP victory.

  • Joseph T. Reinckens II - The new attachment option is a JOKE !!!

    I just installed 2014 as an upgrade from 2011. THE ATTACHMENT "VIEWER" IS A *JOKE*!! On a 24 inch monitor it shows a picture of a check about ONE INCH hi by 2.5 INCHES WIDE! If I want to READ the contents I have to click on "open". It then loads the item into my GRAPHICS EDITING PROGRAM!