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  • Dr B. Ravinder Reddy - Good

    A good way to be familiar with the latest in technology and also to get a bit of nitty-griity of some of the science related issues!

  • Amazon Customer - Trackr didn't work for me

    Very disappointed. The trackr alarm on my phone randomly goes off even though my wallet is close by. The company sent me new batteries and even exchanged the device. I have tried everything that's been suggested but the problem persists. I loved the idea but there is clearly a problem and I can't have the alarm go off randomly when I'm in a meeting. Sorry trackr, I tried.

  • JMpls - It'll give you nightmares!

    This is the scariest show on TV. If these people are faking it, they're darn good. They're usually sobbing, or otherwise clearly upset at telling their story of a haunting that they lived through.

  • Karen Ersek - Did not include State

    I have been using H&R Block/Tax Cut for years. I know the deluxe version comes with a State. After reading the product description on Amazon, State is listed on the box you are shown but no where did I see it say it wasn't included. Stupid me! I just had to pay an additional $39.95 to H&R Block for the State. Next time I will buy directly from H&R Block & skip Amazon!

  • Dave F. - let me play with all of what I purchased!

    okay, it's a pretty neat toy with some amazing potential. be prepared though, you have to earn sparks and trinkets to unlock tricks called apps. It is pretty tedious, though I can see the reason for the fun game play to prolong the use time. I would prefer at this price point a way to just open everything so I can play with what I purchased. yes I am into instant gratification. I am 50 years old and just want to have fun with my purchase and show my buddies what I bought. no go! I have played the games (since you have to in order to do anything!) but they get tedious quick. it seems to want a very well lit room to work right and did not like the dining room table with the very average lighting. in the kitchen it seemed to work to recognize me.