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  • Sarah - This is the answer to living roach free!!!!

    I can't believe this is working! I moved into a this house about 6 months ago. I was lucky to get it as my credit has been ruined so when I walked in to start moving things in and saw a roach I figured I'd just wait a bit to move in and let the landlord send an exterminator. When the guy came he was in and out pretty quick. I went ahead and moved in. 3 weeks went by and Id see one here and there. I called to ask for another spray because I heard that's what you do for the new hatchlings or whatever. Well he came out and had me do no prep and was in and out in a flash. Once again I kept seeing them here and there every few weeks. Then recently I started seeing one scurry every other day. I explained to the landlord that I thought the exterminator was worthless and he agreed to send a different one out. I took to google and found this amazing product. Once I got it I started in on a deep clean. I have 4 children 5 and under and it's pretty amazing where all the crumbs end up to feed the roaches lol. Once the main spots were cleaned I went into the heavy duty stuff. I removed the oven and that's where I found large cracks, holes, roach droppings, and some babies scurrying away. I swept it up bleached it down, did the same with the fridge where I also found droppings. I thought I had a minor issue but just hours after placing combat behind the fridge, oven, cabinets, and bathroom the purge has officially commenced. These suckers are already sprawled out dying in my hallway and kitchen. I am so happy! My landlord said he showed the product to the new exterminator he'll be using and he informed him this is exactly what I should be doing. This works people!

  • Steve Andrews - Buy something else!

    I have used Peachtree software for my business accounting for 20 years. The software was quirky but it worked adequately for my needs. Support was always abysmal at best but I was able to muddle through without them. Now that Sage has taken over they are trying to maximize revenue through planned obsolescence. My 2011 version is already obsolete and they want me to upgrade to their latest version for around $1000. The software I have is fine and I have no reason to upgrade. They also are charging monthly and per employee charges for using their payroll module which is ridiculous. I will use what I have until operating systems or hardware forces me to change and then I will buy something else.

  • RTENNANT - A good buy

    I bought this for a new computer at my company. It was delivered promptly and installed perfectly. The chemist who uses is is pleased with it.

  • RN SuperMom - super great walking stick

    This is a VERY well built walking stick. It has the weight to it that lets you know that it means business. It's great for hiking because it's aluminum, not too heavy but not just a little flimsy stick either. It's great, very very durable and strong. My husband and I both tried this out and agreed that it is one of the best that we have found. I love the little compass on top too, neat little bonus idea and anyone who hikes knows how handy a compass comes in and having it literally at your fingertips- well you can't beat that! Super super neat product, I would definitely get ths again and recommend it.

  • Marion Clement - Undecided because ...

    First of all, I did not understand that I was buying only half of the lessons. The reading part (which I consider essential) was missing. I wouldn't have bought i;t if I had known that. I also didn't know that I was receiveing a copy. Those are the reasons for the low grade I gave my purchase.