Stop Abuse in Residential Treatment for Troubled Teens | ASTART for Teens - Beware of therapeutic boarding schools, boot camps, wilderness programs and other treatments for troubled and struggling teens.

  • Help ASTART help others | ASTART for Teens - ASTART is a volunteer organization working to protect children from abuse by residential programs, and to ensure that families have safe and effective community-based care.
  • Parent and teen warnings on video | ASTART for Teens - Get facts about child neglect and abuse at private residential treatment facilities from parents, teens and experts.
  • Alliance for the Safe, Therapeutic and Appropriate use of Residential Treatment | ASTART for Teens - ASTART is a community of professionals, family members and survivors working to protect children from abuse and neglect in residential programs, and ensure families have safe and effective community-based care.
  • Dangers of troubled teen wilderness and boot camp programs | ASTART for Teens - Teen wilderness camps, treatment and therapy programs for troubled and struggling teens, can be dangerous with reports of injuries and death.
  • Warning - Boarding schools for troubled teens may be dangerous | ASTART for Teens - Important info about therapeutic boarding schools for troubled, struggling and at risk teens.
  • Normal teen behavior and the checklist | ASTART for Teens - Checklists with yes and no answers may not identify the problems. Find alternatives here.
  • Help for parents and teens | ASTART for Teens - ASTART encourages families to seek help in their own communities and within their own families first.
  • Cautions about residential teen treatment programs | ASTART for Teens - Don't feel pressured to make an immediate decision about a treatment program. Take your time. Research options.
  • Facts about abuse in certain programs | ASTART for Teens - Widespread abuse, maltreatment, neglect and death of youth in residential programs for teens has been investigated and documented.
  • Documented high pressure and deception | ASTART for Teens - Urgent, high-pressure sales tactics and deceptive marketing practices have been documented in detailed investigations.
  • Beware of misleading reports | ASTART for Teens - Industry websites make claims about findings and their meaning that go far beyond what the data shows and can be misleading.
  • Misrepresentation of licensing and accreditation | ASTART for Teens - Investigate the licensing and accreditation claims of residential programs for teens. Get the facts.
  • A warning from other parents | ASTART for Teens - Parents warn other parents about the dangers of residential programs. Get the facts.
  • A warning for professionals | Dangers in residential programs | ASTART for Teens - Be aware of the cautions on this website - including widespread reports of abuse, maltreatment and neglect, and in some cases death, in residential programs for teens.

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