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  • shopper1948 - Long time user

    Always looking for the best bargain when ordering. This was it this time. Have used the Timewise line for years and find I like it very well.

  • J. A. Joseph - Saw this in recommended ads online and it seemed ridiculous but then this ...

    Saw this in recommended ads online and it seemed ridiculous but then this was in the Amazon Lightning Deals and I figured it was worth a try. I give my dog baths in the tub and she usually fills up the hair catcher every time. They get gross, I throw them out, and buy new ones. Seems super wasteful, so I was excited to give this a try. This actually works really well! If I don't clean it after bathing her, it does clog a little bit, but it's easy to clean and stick back in the tub. I will never use a different drain protector again.

  • carmon whatley - USELESS, Don't waste your money

    I installed this antenna and from the start got no reception at all period. Even on the stations that are local I couldn't receive them. I read the reviews and thought somehow my antenna would be better but absolutely not. This thing is garbage and over priced at that. Don't waste your money.

  • Tammy - So cuddly!

    We got this bear included with an order of Christmas gifts in December 2014. He is So soft and cuddly and is now very well loved.

  • Franklin - I purchased this based on the reviews and I am glad I did

    I'm never going to buy another bottle of Windex again. I purchased this based on the reviews and I am glad I did. After washing my car, I used this glass cleaner and wow, it worked great! After one use, I will never go back to Windex again. For under $4 it is worth a try and I will tell you that you will not regret it.

  • John - A very useful trip planner

    I installed the program and got right down to business with ease. The program offers you a "step by step" process each time you start a new road trip plan. The program provides route planning based on your saved preferences (freeways or state and county roads, travel speed, physical details of your rig (length and height), rest breaks (frequency and duration) fuel consumption, max travel time allowed for the day, fuel price, lodging prices, etc. This makes for quick and easy planning for your big rig to avoid routes that may be difficult for you! I wouldn't travel without using this to pre-plan the trip!