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Country:, Europe, CZ

City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Gabriella Ekubayohannes - it looked like a toy soo clumsy

    I had to return it the moment i saw it looked like a toy soo clumsy. ...i wanted somthing syurdy guess i chose the wrong item ...I think its perfect gift for kids ......

  • K.M. - Easy to install and stable with car seat

    Installation is so easy, all it requires is putting the ends of the adapter into the stroller until you hear it click! I was worried about the stability of the set-up but as long as you ensure your car seat clicks in (similar to clicking it into the base), it's extremely stable. Highly recommend it.

  • Bradley - Good product and I like the items in the product

    This is the first all in one product with single serving packets that I found that work for me. This product is easy to use and its already seperated out for you. I would have gave it five stars but the effects of the product seemed to be a little water weight but that is expected out of a building product like this. I like it for ease of use and its portable. I am not carrying 5 different powders or pill bottles with me. You still need a good protein supplement to go with this but its got you covered for the most part. I like it but I would try it out because everyones chemistry is different. Give it time though it took two canisters for me to start really seeing results.

  • Connie - Incredible

    The greatest adventure story of all time. Simply amazing. Purchase the hardcover 100th anniversary edition, that was just published.

  • chrislebaron - Good looking monitor, lacks HDMI

    I've used around 100 of these bad boys in a couple of call centers hooking them up to mac minis. They look great, but are a pain to assemble and get all of the little plastic wrapping off of if you're going to use a lot of them.

  • Ambelote - I like the color

    I like the color, and I've used Splat colors several times before, but for some reason this color faded really fast. I've had it in for only 2 weeks and you can already see the blond from the bleach showing. I used it to make streaks along with the Lusty Lavender color and I loved it before it started fading.