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  • Daniel M. Pomerantz - Error Ridden Tax Software

    This software has very poorly written interview questions around dependant care tax credits which literally cost me $800 in deductions/credits. It was dumb luck that I reviewed my taxes, found the error to correct it, and got my money back. The 2013 version even acknowledged the problem by re-wording the interview to prevent people from missing the deduction/credit.

  • Erich Ball - A Fun Holiday Read

    This was a good light read and I will happily buy subsequent books in the series. It's a sword and sorcery fantasy with a couple of twists. The protagonist is a young woman and there is magic in tattoos. That last one is quite topical I suppose.

  • You Satisfied? - Let's file a class action suit against producer Molina !

    Some bad movies appeal in strange ways and become cult classics. This movie is null as a source of entertainment and will never become any kind of a classic. Do not let its producer, Molina, forever rob you of the few minutes it takes to determine that letting this picture run is pointless.

  • K. Vaughan - Sound Sleep

    I was so excited when I received this book in the mail! Having been at two different Longevity Conference seminars that featured products invented by Clint Ober, I am happy to now have research data on earthing to share with family and friends in one book. Inflammation is surely the cause of my father's as-yet-undiagnosable stomach disorders, as well as my mom's fibromyalgia. It makes perfect sense that there is an electrical component to these problems, when inflammation = heat. I, myself have been sleeping soundly on the grounding sheets I bought in March. Such an amazing book!

  • Bouvette - Supersmile Whitening System

    I have been using this product for years and am hooked on it! It visibly whitens teeth after every use and gives you that fresh just came from a dental cleaning feel!!! You use just a small amount of each about the size of the tip of your baby finger so it lasts quite a long time! I would give this a five star recommendation, it is so much more convenient than the old-fashioned whitening trays and the strip--and another good thing is that it works on bonding and crowns as well as your natural teeth!