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  • lunchboxangel - My love for Skinnytaste continues to grow!

    I've been a fan of the Skinnytaste blog for a few years...but my one "gripe" (if you could even call it that) was that I wanted more slow cooker recipes. When Gina announced this cookbook, I couldn't have been more thrilled! I've already made a handful of the recipes in here (some of which were already on her blog and tweaked, some were brand new) and they've all come out great. Looooove the pumpkin turkey chili and the crustless apple pie! The photos are beautiful and the layout of the book and the recipes themselves are easy to follow.

  • Lori - Kitty Life Saver and Mommy Sanity Saver

    My cat is 18 years old and neurotic. He's been on Prozac and other medications for being moody. He howls, whines, shreds paper, and pees on towels and clothes of the floor, as well as mats in the bathroom.

  • Brad Wang - Cobb Tuning for 335I Coupe

    This product transforms your car into something unrecognizable! The extra power/torque easily overwhelms the chassis and I have the M Sport Package too! I highly recommend this product due to the ease of install and relatively modest price for amount of power gain. If you want something easy, simple with decent power gains this is the product to get. Other products are either too expensive (Dinan) or JB4 needs additional DIY know how but with added benefits however..... I'm not really a DIY guy so Cobb product is perfect for me.