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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • J. Johnston - No new roads in last 4 years!!

    I bought this to update my 2011 version. I did not see a road database change which means that there are no new roads added since 2011. DeLorme told me that they are discontinuing this product and offered no excuse for selling a new product with an outdated data base.

  • Becca - Great for peach fuzz

    These are great for the peach fuzz on the sides of your cheeks and jaw; however, I don't find them to be effective on coarser hair like on the upper lip. That's unfortunate because who wants to have to do more than one operation to remove facial hair?? I was hoping this gadget would do it looks like it's back to threading for me. At least my cheeks are gloriously fuzz-free :)

  • Robin Smith - An Absolutely Great Series

    I read the original story in the first boxed set for the I Ops series and loved getting to know about Missy and Roi. So when I learned there would be an extended version I knew I would be buying it for my own collection. Missy is Peren's close friend and she was there when she set up Lukian with Peren and there was all the trouble with Parker kidnapping her. Of course with Missy's job being so secret she couldn't tell Peren nor Melanie about it. Now however it is Missy's turn to be in danger and its Roi's job to keep her safe. Roi is fighting his instincts where Missy is concerned not realizing the histry that they have together.

  • Madisen - Hip hip hooray!!:)

    Really couldn't be more pleased!! I have tried so many things and this...this is IT! I'm even so silly I left it in my mailbox for a few days so it was frozen when I finally brought it in but it thawed out and changed my hair! I'm so happy!!:)

  • Ronald - I STOPPED SNORING!!!!!!!!!!

    WOW what an incredible product! Man it worked so flippen well!!!! i used it and my family members said i did not even snore one little bit! I am surprised that it actually worked! IT is very comfortable as well and it did not irritate me one bit while i was sleeping! im looking forward to the good nights ahead! It is very good quality as well so i know it will last a really long time!

  • Rosa - Large tablets

    Tablets are way too large to swallow 3 of them. I cut them in half to help my 13 y.o. swallow them, but doing so exposes the flavor inside, and it's not the tastiest. Vitamin is good otherwise, but the size of the tablets forces us to look elsewhere