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  • Danii - It worked amazing and I kept making jokes about how we needed ...

    My son was in the hospital for RSV and they used the heavy duty booger sucker on him there. It worked amazing and I kept making jokes about how we needed one like it at home, several nurses recommended this to us and said it's as close as we will get to it. It's so easy to use and to clean. And it works on adults too.

  • cardmaker - coolant leak

    I put this into my car as soon as I received it and it appears to be working. I need a little more time to be sure.

  • NoVA Reader - Could never tell it's 2014

    The hypothetical infinite number of monkeys at Intuit need to keep working. You could never tell that this is the cumulative work of many previous years of _improvements_, rather this is an aggravating piece of so-called software to use. It hangs for no discernible reason, it makes previous operations (in older versions) more convoluted, and is generally much harder and less intuitive to use. I think they are struggling to provide "improvements" since most people are happy with the older version they have, but the forced-upgrade philosophy really causes more problems like this.