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  • Sasha H. - True love

    This book was a look into what made Gabriel the Man he always wanted to be. It's like his life was layed out in his child hood by his mother and father things they said to him. He found the woman he was supposed to be what and the life he deserved.

  • M. Blankenship - American hero

    What a great story. I felt like I wads walking with Mr. Palmer through his life. He has always been an inspiration to me. I cried when I heard of his passing. No line will ever fill his shoes. Society could learn so much by reading this book. Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if we treated people the Mr. Palmer did. It was indeed a life well played.

  • Anna - After years and years of frustration with mid-90's puzzles, ...

    After years and years of frustration with mid-90's puzzles, I finally broke down and ordered the 16999. After I received it, I opened the correct attachments and, finally, I was able to instantly find Waldo AND see those 3D hidden images. Victory is mine.

  • WiIliam R. Moseid - Amazing Insight Into The "Founding" Of America

    An Amazing Insight Into Who Founded "Atlantis", Err . . . . "America" & The Hidden Purpose For It's Birth.

  • rosa_azul98 - Better than a prescription!

    I have been taking prescription and OTC drugs for years for my allergies, but they never really worked. After starting DHist, I noticed a huge improvement! Unfortunately, the effects only last as long as you're taking it. But I feel so much better, and no sinus infection!

  • Christina - good for gaming

    Goes up to 130"", comes with remote, good for gaming, movies and not so much music unless you have a speaker setup.

  • Teri - WHAT JOKE!!!!

    IF you can get it on and pulled up you might stand a chance...rolling it up over your butt isn't as easy as the video says it is and taking down over your head is impossible....once it's ALL under your boobs because you have to roll it up over itself in order to get it on, you now have to figure out how to get the waist band back down around your hips, (the thin band down)...if you can get it down to your now have to figure out how to get it to stay down around your hips, problem is, it pinches so tight it bruises ya...walking around for 10-15 minutes with this thing on was soooo uncomfortable that I decided to send it back after just one try....What they need to show in the videos is how someone with size to start with should get into it, pull it up and then work through the 10 minutes they recommend that we wear it for ....Starting out with the person that is already a size 2 makes anything look easy to do...HUGE WASTE of MONEY!!!! I will be sending this back on a fast track to their warehouse....