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  • HolyMoehly - Refresh those eyes!

    I love Skederm products so I had to try the eye cream and I am so glad that I did. The tiny bottle is very easy to pack up and travel with. I place it in the fridge so that it is nice and cold and use it every morning. The cream works great on it's own to wake up my eyes - I just like the extra help of the coolness. You can see results almost immediately. It is a nice smooth cream and absorbs quickly so you can apply moisturizer or make up within minutes.

  • Amazon Customer - Really not that impressed.

    It stays put and makes my mouse move butter-smooth. The size is more than enough to maneuver a mouse.

  • aMANazon - Gel polish that does the job!

    My husband bought this kit for me and I have to say "LOVE IT". Wasn't sure how well the gel polish would hold up on my nails. I have my hands in water a lot doing dishes and also do yard work etc.... I'm not gentle on my nails. Well let me tell ya it is amazing. The longest I had it on was almost 4 weeks no joke. If you follow the directions your polish will stay on like the package reads, even longer in my case. The key is to not put the polish on thick. Spread it on lightly. Yes you may have to apply 3 layers depending on the color but that's not a problem for me. You can also use different brands of gel polish. You don't have to stick to the Sensationail brand. My only negative thing to say is that it is a pain to remove BUT if that's all to complain about this product is great. It serves its purpose. Worth the purchase!

  • C.R. Fowler - Great Product, and a must-have!

    This product is really great. I had an easy time getting it on thanks to the little tabs you can use to hold it, and there isn't a single bubble or bit of dust underneath. It looks just as good as the one they put on at the AT&T store when I bought my phone.

  • Jose Rangel - I expected a little bit more for a fox glove product

    I was hopping for a little bit more for a fox glove product I had other fox gloves before and I loved the quality, material, durability, design, I love my old gloves but they give all they have so I had to go for new ones, so i bought this they look awesome in the pic but when you put them on your hands they are just ok....

  • Silverbust - slinky crystal radio

    Winding the tuning coil was critical and ridiculously hard to do. Assembly of the cheap parts (toilet paper roll) and single plastic folding form was tough to get to stay fixed once assembled. Never got the radio to work although it did pick up some static.