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  • Mallory - *mislabeling the left and right atria in a heart diagram as "left aorta" and "right aorta" *explains that the superior vena cava

    I have only gone through the Anatomy & Physiology section, but have found so many errors that I'm worried about using this as a study guide. A few errors include:

  • sonya johnson - Bootyilicious

    Omg!! I am very pleased with this product, I saw results after a week!! It wasn't a major change but u can see a difference!! I never told anyone I was using it, so when my daughter said u been working out doing squats, I was like y she said your booty getting big, I couldn't do nothing but smile and laugh, I still have not revealed my little secret!! But it actually works!! U will love it

  • Wildcatash - My holy grail tea!!

    I was so excited when I saw this tea in bulk online. It's so much for just one box at my local store I had to take this deal and buy online. I love this tea so much. Every time I feel myself getting sick or some kind of upper respiratory problem going on I brew up a cup of this and immediately start sipping. I swear it works after the first one if I catch the cold in time. I'm usually the type of person where hardly anything works for me when I do get sick so I'm glad I found this product. I usually just add a bit of honey in for my throat and it's the best. Even when I'm not sick I like to have at least a cup a day or every other day for my allergies (which are completely terrible this time of year). The shipment came quick and was packaged nicely, considering its just a couple of boxes of tea, but still. Don't hesitate to try this if you are looking for a new tea to try for your immune system.