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  • N. Deese - A thoroughly enjoyable read!

    Oh how i look forward to Debbie Macomber's Christmas novels! This one so did not disappoint! Loved this sweet romance between a Little Miss Sunshine and her neighbor, Mr. Grouchy Pants. This story was a great mix of humor, wit, and sass with a plot line that stayed light and upbeat most of the way through. A thoroughly enjoyable read and a great gift idea for friends and family alike this holiday season!

  • David Montaigne - Bold in its ideas, vague in supporting some of them

    I read through "Zenith 2016" as research for my own end times prophecy books. The idea that Daniel's 70th week, or the 7 year tribulation, spans from 2012 to 2019 is one that I agree with. I also agree that the Antichrist will reach the "zenith" of his activity in 2016. I briefly covered 2016 as the pivotal year of the Antichrist in "End Times and 2019" (which as you can guess, focuses more on the tribulation's final events in 2019) and I will go into more detail on the events of 2016 in my next book on the Antichrist, which I am working on now. I appreciate that Horn named this book's final chapter "Final Part of the Last Mystery: 2012-2016, 2019, and the End?" On page 372 he writes "Does this mean that the year 2019 - exactly seven years after 2012 - would mark the year that Jesus Christ returns with the armies of heaven to establish His rule over Earth?" I think Horn would agree with me that these events began in 2012, that the peak of the Antichrist's activity is in 2016, and that everything about the End Times ends in 2019.

  • manorchurch - Okay, but not definitive

    For what it is -- a discussion of best practices -- it has worthwhile information. A good, comprehensive manual for Exchange 2010, it is not.

  • Dianna - Good reference book

    LOTS of good information. I wanted to use this to find out what vaccinations I needed for travel to other countries.