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  • Thomas - Great wrenches

    I am not a huge user of my wrenches, but over the years the cheap wrenches I had (from those sets of tools that come with a little bit of everything) have not held up well. They also tend not to have all the sizes I've needed. This TEKTON set is great. I've used a few of the wrenches and found them strong and easy to use. The pouch is nice, and by lining up the holes I was able to roll it up and put in on a hook on my pegboard. This is a great set, especially for the price.

  • melissa bright - Horrible reaction

    My 7 week old daughter has bad colic. Our pediatrician recommended we try probiotics everyday to try to calm the colic down. I saw Mommy's Bliss baby probiotic drops got good reviews on a couple sites and it had simple ingredients, no additives or chemicals...we tried the drops as directed the past 2 nights. A few hours after the dosage she screamed spook loud in horrible pain, was inconsolable for almost 2 hours each night and then had HORRIBLE gas and pain throughout each night. I thought it was just a coincidence but it's happening again tonight (3rd night in a row). Is this a common occurence with this product? Could I have a tainted batch? We have given her 5 drops per day, as directed by the box and we also store it in the refrigerator (also recommended by the instructions). I feel horrible I will never ever give these drops to her again!

  • Amazon Customer - Probably the worst Garmin device I have ever purchased

    Having owned nearly all the Garmin Bike and Triathlon range of computers, the Garmin Edge 820 is without doubt the worst product ever produced by Garmin. The screen quality is rubbish. Drops of sweat falling on to the screen will select and change settings. Even just hovering a finger over a setting will select it or the randomly the next option. Responsiveness to deliberate presses is slow. Unbelievably disappointed in this substandard, cheap and nasty build. Will be returning product and going back to using Garmin Edge 810.

  • William J. Hampton - Arrived on time and worked as promised

    It came on time and is a Microsoft product. I do not like the bland "white" background of the software and plan to do some research and see if it can't be brought back to the colors of the 2010 version. I have not used it much to see the additions from the 2010 version. I have always enjoyed Microsoft software and I am sure I will get adjusted to it and it will work well. But at my age it will take longer to adjust to it. I did not mind the Key Card rather than the Disc version since both methods do provide a continuation of using the software when I get a new computer to replace my old one. Obviously Microsoft has found a way to keep people from stealing the use of their software and we should put up with their self interest because it is right for them to protect their business interest.

  • apple - excellent choice!

    It is the first time I write a review in amazon although I buy everything for my 9-month baby from amazon, because I love this stroller so much, and so does my son. Before this we have a chicco travel system which also works great when my son is small, but when he grows up, the stroller of the travel system seems smaller and also a little bit heavy. So I decided to buy a lightweight stroller at first beginning. I did a lot of search on most strollers in the market, my requirements are: 1 lightweight, actually this is requirement from my husband since he is the person who lift it onto and off the car in most cases. 2 big canopy so I don¡¦t need to worry about direct sunshine whichever direction the stroller is in. 3 have both flat position and upright position since when we go out during weekend or travel, I want my son to have a good nap in most comfortable position. 4 large storage basket so that I can put my mother bag, anything got during shopping into it especially during travel. 4 optional: face both way so that my son sometimes can have good interaction with us when he is not happy. So end up, I got two candidates: 1) city mini 2) britax b agile and can¡¦t make up my mind which one to choose. So I took my son to the retailer store to see which one he likes. And there I found my ¡§Mr. Right¡¨ of stroller ¡V uppababy vista, the one in drew really caught my eyes: the color , the appearance, the fabric, the frame quality¡K except the price, 500 more bucks than citi mini. First, britax b-agile has a big fault that the front wheel is hard to control so you can walk in the direct line with the stroller so it was filtered out. For citi mini, it is lightweight, really easy to fold, not small basket, near flat position, big canopy but the fabric looks cheap and the stroller looks not strong enough (I think that¡¦s why it can be lightweightº ). So I try to persuade my husband to pick uppababy vista since it is not a lightweight stroller about 22 pounds. After struggling for almost one hour in the retailer, my husband decided to pay extra money to choose vista just because one small design details: the flap for the peek-a-boo window uses magnets instead of velcro to keep it closed, he thought it must be a good product because the company can make so good design in so small details.

  • Elementis - Not miraculous, but one of the better supplements I've tried.

    I heard about this supplement on the Alex Jones show as a UK listener. I'm sceptical of American infomercials in general (sorry, US readers -- I just find them overly enthused) but have been supplementing for years for chronic fatigue and concentration issues, so I tried out a couple of trial packs of this. I'm now ordering a canister of it.