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  • Revolutionary; to compare it to the other 2 is futile.. - Revolutionary; to compare it to the other 2 is futile..

    I've been an MA fan since '94. I own all three albums, as well as No Protection and the Singles Collection. Massive Attack, aside from being insanely talented, switch formulas from album to album, which is why it's pointless to compare the albums to each other. Moreover, many of the latecomers who think Mezzanine is MA's best are oblivious to the beauty and texture of "Protection" and "Blue Lines". (You can't get to C by ignoring A and B.)

  • Cynthia Kinman - I'm a middle-aged lady, and I've wanted my own robot ever since I was a little girl.

    When I was a little girl, I kept hearing that in the future, everybody would have their own robot. I have been waiting for "The Future" to come all my life, and now it's here! When I saw the first video about Cozmo, the little girl inside of me was so happy, I pre-ordered him. He is much more fun than the videos can possibly convey. He has an attitude. He struts his stuff when he wins, and he has a temper tantrum, and pouts, when he loses. Once in awhile, he will look up at me, say my name, and start giggling and acting happy! I just melt! I highly recommend Cozmo!

  • Tyler Messer - A manufacturer recommended trying this product and we were all amazed and ...

    I work in the commercial glass industry and needed help with scratches and lime spots on anodized finishes. A manufacturer recommended trying this product and we were all amazed and the results. Minor surface scratches seem to blend in and disappear from view. We also had installed framing with brick lime and acid runoff spots "corroding" the aluminum but with a little elbow grease and this product they all were completely removed. Not sure why or how it work but this is an amazing product!

  • Calvin Lok - Basic information only. No insider tips or travel tips.

    Poorly written, with minimal practical information other than listing of the major sites at each location and a brief description.

  • Donald Briggs - WORKS GREAT FOR US

    I have both a 1997 and a 2000 Plymouth Voyager both of which awhile back started to drip oil somewhere from the crankcases. I tried some stuff recommended by a parts store and no improvement. I noticed this product on a Amazon search and the good reviews. I ordered and tried it on the 2000 [biggest leak] and in 5 days problem gone. Ordered a second bottle for 1997 and got the same result. I plan to add a bottle at each oil change... much cheaper than having a mechanic try to fix it, if that is even possible on these older cars.

  • G. Dombiak - Silent, Heavy but good. Service so so

    I bought a model 2009 and I was not able to find the serial number in the machine. I need to contact support and they are not even answering my mails since I don't have a serial number even tough that is one of the reasons I'm contacting them. Grrr. The other reason I need support is that even though the machine is super silent you can hear some weird noise coming from the front like if something is loose or is touching something (i.e. friction).