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  • Ami Jones - Im curious to with this product is being sold on ...

    Im curious to with this product is being sold on Amazon when I am an IBO who has the actual right to sell this. #Shameful

  • Amazon Customer - It is a great product if you do not have cosmetic dental work ...

    I have a build up and specks of the black got stuck in the small crease where the work was done and I had to go back to my dentist to get my whole build up redone. It is a great product if you do not have cosmetic dental work like that done!

  • Amazon Customer - Don't know if I'll buy again

    Unsure if I can tell if this product works. I have stuck to the dose of two a day, but I may increase the dose soon. I don't recognize a rush at all from the caffeine. There may be better alternatives to the product.

  • Delivers the roadmap from good to great! - Delivers the roadmap from good to great!

    Collins' research into eleven public companies over a thirty year period provides important insights into corporate success. I was impressed by the emphasis on the right people -- instead of people in general -- as the greatest asset of a company. I also respect Collins' suggestion to "Confront the brutal facts." Optimism is a bad strategy when the price of failure or probability of failure are high. Good to Great provides the leap from mediocre thinking to extraordinarily positive thinking for a company. In the optimal thinking corporate world, good and great performance are considered positive, but suboptimal. Leaders and employees are using optimal thinking to be their best. I recommend this book highly because of its unique perspective and scientifically valid research.

  • bob catron - Closest shave ever

    Two weeks into use of the razor; I feel it's the closest shave I've ever got. Been a Gillette user for many years. Tried a Walgreens brand to save money, but it was so crummy I returned it. This Dorco setup is well made, well balanced, and the blade angle seems just right. Very light pressure is needed to get a great shave. Quality is high. I don't see how anyone could be disappointed.

  • J. Churchill - Good information about how Warren Buffet thinks as well as ...

    Good information about how Warren Buffet thinks as well as an interesting revisit of history of the last few decades. Well worth the read.

  • MIGUEL SERRANO - elements of style

    since I was a youngster, this was one of the books the father Brunig used in his English writing classes.