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  • Hugh - Absolutely Ridiculous

    It is absolutely ridiculous, the price is incredible. This charger is just amazing, all 6 ports have a constant flow of power no matter the device that's plugged in. I usually have 3 iPads, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, & iPad mini, connected, an iPhone 6 Plus, a Samsung Note 4, and a Samsung S6, and its flawless. I truly believe anybody that give this a bad review is really having a bad day. Bought 2 and I will by another 2, you guys hit it out the park with this one.

  • mark b. simpson - GET SOMETHING YOU CAN AIM !!!

    Not worth the money. If you want to spend that much money on a hidden camera get something that you can at least half way aim the camera at what you're taking a pic of. It simply doesn't meet the criteria, or do the things it claims to do...

  • Shari L. Parish - Resistance Chair

    My dad just recently had a stroke. He has very little room for big exercise equipment. This chair is perfect for his needs-it folds up so it takes up very little room. The resistance bands attached to the chair give him a good workout. Overall, I am very pleased with this item.

  • Rockbluesgirl - Very moisturizing, non-drying

    I am picky when it comes to eye creams because many of them don't work. I will list the pros and cons of this eye cream so it will be simplier for you to decided if you want to purchase it or not.

  • TeflonDon - absolutely skeptical but it did the job

    I don't work for any of these companies, I'm not being compensated for review in any way. I can't believe any of the reviews for all of these detox drinks. they all seem BS. I bought this at vitaminshop went to wallgreens bought a home test for thc. 9am drank followed instructions 10am tested came up positive went got tested at 12 and came in negative. I was supremely skeptical about all of these drinks but what can I say it worked. Also, I have to say I've never seen so much conflicting information when it comes to trying to get a fair review of these products detox drinks that I can trust is so difficult. Regardless of those this junk worked.

  • Love the Lake - Great sweeper...then and now!

    Have had a swiffer sweeper for years...probably was one of the first people to purchase years ago...and this was a replacement for my well used swiffer. i love the new design: the old swiffer would come apart while swiffering (is that a word??) and was rather annoying. with this swiffer, the handles snap together rather than screw together and are much more stable. the head of the swiffer swivels to get into tight places and the design is very ergonomic. the pads are amazing. they pick up dust you didn't even know you had. i can vacuum my wooden floors...and then swiffer them...and the amount of dust that is on the pad is just amazing. loved this product years ago...and with the new is even better than before.