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  • tmexrea - Just OK

    Seems OK. I've only used a few of the sockets, and all is ok so far. A few niggling things that would have made my review more positive: The sockets are just laying in a trough, nothing holding them there. If (when) I bump this little box off the fender, they're gonna go everywhere. And a driver to put these in my drill chuck would have been a nice touch.

  • Brandon - Great antenna

    I haven't had a problem with getting FM stations in my truck with this antenna. AM comes in just fine, it has a faint beeping sound in the background but you get used to it. It's worth that for this stubby, my long antenna broke its the car wash. This one doesn't!

  • Caryn K - Not user-friendly

    I upgraded to family tree maker 2012. I think my old version was 2007. 2012 has a completely different format and I had to use the book a lot and help to figure out how to use it. The old version was very user-friendly and things were easy to find. This version I'm still learning to use it even after a year. There are things that I can't make it do like delete a source. Each time you source something you have to choose whether it's a new when or an existing source there are a lot more clicks and time wasted putting in information if you put in new source each time you source something it lists all as a source. I don't like the way the sources are cited. I'm still trying to figure that out. It just seems that there are so many more motions you have to go through to accomplish the same thing that the old version did. On my old version I would list the residents each time a person moved. On this version I can only seem to list one residence. On the old version I could see all of my notes on one page on this version you have to scroll down to look at the information one has entered. I would go back to the old version except it was not compatible with Windows 7.

  • Janet - In the US but not for my region ?

    I installed this and then was unable to activate. I had to contact MSFT and the tech determined I would have to call MSFT.

  • Darin Glavan - Defective?

    I loved the idea of this crock pot with the timer! I was happy with my old (non-programmable) model and would frequently make meals on low and happily come home to an easy meal. I thought this crockpot would be a big step up since I wouldn't have to rush home to prevent overcooking.

  • Perfect for slow oven cooking - Perfect for slow oven cooking

    This is the best stewpot I have ever used. The tight lid does its job keeping in the juices and assures succulent meats every time. I especially like Le Creuset pots for slow cooking in the oven. Clean up is amazingly easy. Really need to dry these pans thoroughly before storing as the rim is not enameled and can rust just a little. Drying solves the problem it completely however.

  • tacticness - Really good... But damn ubisoft

    So it does what it says, it hears my guitar right, it introduces and teaches songs steadly and really helps you learn.